Mary Louise Parker is hot, naked

By brendon July 08, 2009 @ 7:54 PM


Mary Louise Parker is in this months Esquire magazine, and you have to hand it to the foppish dandies over there, because they’ve once again managed to describe a super hot naked girl in the gayest way possible.

A few times now you’ve given Esquire your image – your long platinum neck, your deep Guinness eyes staring out from the photos, your movie-star nose, twitched a little, your long body lounging on our pages.

I have no idea what Lord Queerington is talking about, but that’s nothing new with Esquire and GQ. They should rename those magazines Restraining Order Digest and Exfoliating Weekly because that’s all they ever fucking talk about. A magazine about socks and truffle oil for guys is about as useful as a fantasy football guide for girls. Oh, what’s that Esquire? Brooches? For men? Ohhh, do I dare?!?!

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    pepper 07/08/2009 23:35

    Passes over a case of beer to Headly…HERE. YOU NEED THIS MORE THEN I DO, DRINK UP!

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    Rokan 07/08/2009 23:35

    You know Headly, I saw a movie, I think it was Beerfest, which was awful, but they did a thing called a strike-out with was to take a huge bong hit, hold it in, chug a beer and do a shot before blowing it out.

    I tried it and it was quite a sensation.

  3. avatar
    pepper 07/08/2009 23:35

    sorry about the cheap brand….

  4. avatar
    Massive's Treasure 07/08/2009 23:35

    “Headly, the only good thing that I have from my bad marriage is my son……”

    Little Pepper?

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    Tom Foolery 07/08/2009 23:36

    Gents, I’m still scared shitless about having kids. Cant tie my shoes, that’s why I buy slip on Vans.

  6. avatar
    CB007 07/08/2009 23:36

    Agreed Rokan… as you were.

    I’ll just sit here quietly and wait for CB to return, because come on, we all know that she will. Besides it’s not like she has a family to spend time with or anything.

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    Massive's Treasure 07/08/2009 23:37

    That’s hardcore, Rokan. Which reminds me I have to watch that movie just for kicks.

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    Headly 07/08/2009 23:37

    Rokan, I think you and I discussed this before, but I really didn’t like The Stranger either. i just found myself wondering, well, what the fuck was that all about…

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    Mumbles McGinty 07/08/2009 23:37

    Rokan …anymore of the joint left …sure could do with some of that ….
    Anyone finding that there fingers hurt holding the tab down button for so long? must be just me.

  10. avatar
    pepper 07/08/2009 23:37

    Well gents, have to be up at 5:30
    good night.

  11. avatar
    Massive's Treasure 07/08/2009 23:38

    “I’ll just sit here quietly and wait for CB to return, because come on, we all know that she will. Besides it’s not like she has a family to spend time with or anything.”

    From the sound of it, neither do you.

  12. avatar
    pepper 07/08/2009 23:39

    I gave up pot back in 1983…I graduated to bigger and stronger shit!
    hey, I survived…

  13. avatar
    Headly 07/08/2009 23:40

    ‘night, Pep.

    Rokan, I laughed my ass off at Beerfest. I guess because I was just happened to catch it when there wasn’t anything else on. And that Strike-out looked pretty damn mean…

  14. avatar
    Massive's Treasure 07/08/2009 23:40

    Later, Pepper.

    And time for me to hit the sack as well. Good night, Headly, Rokan, Mumbles, Tom, and whoever that isn’t a terrorist on this site.

  15. avatar
    Rokan 07/08/2009 23:40

    Here Mumbles,

    :: Passes joint ::

    Night Pepper,

    Headly, I enjoyed how Camu writes, but yeah . . WTF?

  16. avatar
    Headly 07/08/2009 23:42

    Hey where the hell did Tony go? Oh sure, gets a consulting job and all the sudden he’s too GOOD for the likes of us, aye?

    ::briefly considers pouring out the scotch…very briefly:::

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    Tom Foolery 07/08/2009 23:42

    Later Pep, weeks almost down.

  18. avatar
    Headly 07/08/2009 23:43

    ‘night Massive.

    Rok, I dunno, man. I read it years ago but still ask myself WTF.

  19. avatar
    Rokan 07/08/2009 23:43

    I read alot and I always have the TV on. I swear, I spent years learning how to read, watch the tube and listen to my wife at the same time. Its quite a skill. I would actually say to her, “keep talking, I’m practicing.”

    I wasn’t a very good husband.

    Write that down, Fake CB you little pussy-hole. You can try and use it later and see if I give a shit, fucking dirt-bag, shit licker.

  20. avatar
    Tom Foolery 07/08/2009 23:44

    Massive take care also good sir

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