Miranda is a good model – UPDATE

By brendon July 27, 2009 @ 3:25 PM


Miranda Kerr was in the Caribbean this weekend to shoot for the Victoria’s Secret catalog, and it may seem hard to believe but this was part of it. It’s a smart new approach. This would be a really good ad for hats, for example. A good ad for bras would be to have Marisa Miller completely naked except for a pink cowboy hat and a pink and white two-gun holster. And she could have one of the guns out and she could blow into the barrel like she just shot it. The message would be, you don’t look like this so you better buy our GD bras.

SEXY UPDATE – now with more pics.

(the NSFW pics start here.  source = splash news online)

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    nipluvr 07/27/2009 07:18


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    lady garden 07/27/2009 07:38


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    RemSteale 07/27/2009 08:35

    NPD wet the bed this morning?
    3 posts before anyone but the europeans are her….

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    RemSteale 07/27/2009 08:44

    Well, at least the day started with tits and ass

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    Sloppy Joe 07/27/2009 08:45

    She kind of reminds me of Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver and that’s what i’m going to keep in my head when i touch my self to these pics later.

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    DB's Treasure 07/27/2009 08:58

    I’ll be damned if nothing but Europeans are here!

    ::plants American flag into ground; rubs giant American beer gut; tips rebel flag hat::

    That’s right!

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    Big Smelly Dirt Cock 07/27/2009 09:00

    I approve of those mini-breasts and would like to fondle and lick them. I’d like to check out her vagina as well as I bet it’s finely manicured and smells like morning dew.

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    Rick (with a silent P) 07/27/2009 09:01

    DB, I thought it was my turn to play “the ugly American”…

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    RemSteale 07/27/2009 09:01

    The Yanks are here, there goes the neighbourhood, I mean Morning!

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    Rokan 07/27/2009 09:05

    Goddmait NPD. Leave it to you to fuck up tits and ass.
    DB, Did you see Ali Larter’s little coco-star peeking out from under her dress?

    We need to talk about these things, you can’t just throw that up then cock-block us with some chick playing softball!

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    DB's Treasure 07/27/2009 09:06

    Speaking of Yanks, Rem, I watched all of Band Of Brothers yesterday. I cannot get enough of that HBO series. Solid performances from each role. Ever see it?

    Rick, I’d be happy not to be the typical American slime ball wherever in Europe I go, except for France; I’ll walk around with an American flag shirt on over there. Damn frogs.

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    DB's Treasure 07/27/2009 09:08

    Rokan, I definitely saw that tight, pink ass of hers peeking out from underneath her dress. That’s when ya need a mirror on the end of a stick, this way I can get a solid peek at the plumbing.

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    Rokan 07/27/2009 09:09

    Speaking of “Yanks.”

    How’d it go on Friday? I noticed the smell of pussy and cheap comedy in the room this morning.

    Did you plant your American flag, or yank it?

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    RemSteale 07/27/2009 09:11

    Band of Brothers was cool, I still cant get used to Damian Lewis with an American accent though

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    DB's Treasure 07/27/2009 09:12

    Date went great. Since we’re exclusive, are they even considered “dates” any longer? And damn it, stop asking me if I had sex with her. I’m taking my time with this one and believe me it’s the right thing to do. I don’t wanna mess this up. Especially since she’s gotta great ass!

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    Mac-Daddy 07/27/2009 09:16

    I’d do her!

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    Zombie 07/27/2009 09:17

    You’d think Victoria’s Secret would have blocked the set so random ugly people couldn’t walk around in the background during photographing. Also, if I had to guess this girl’s muff I’d say it is bald as Mr. Clean’s scalp. Yummy.

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    entropissed 07/27/2009 09:18

    Yay DB is here. He wasn’t killed outside the Phillies game. Hurray.

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    Rokan 07/27/2009 09:19

    I fucked two girls this weekend, but I only enjoyed one of them. In fact right in the middle of the first one, I stopped and told her, “This is the last time I’m gonna fuck you you know?”
    Apparently, girls don’t like that, so she made me stop.

    Doesn’t matter, I was done with her.

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    Rick (with a silent P) 07/27/2009 09:20

    “You’d think Victoria’s Secret would have blocked the set so random ugly people couldn’t walk around in the background during photographing.”

    Zombie, you need the random ugly people to fully appreciate the delectability of Ms. Kerr just as you need shadow to appreciate light…

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