Oh, the excitement


Stacy Keibler hosted a party at the MGMs Wet Republic pool this weekend, and this chick really messed up by not getting implants. No one likes flat chested girls. Even girls with D's should get implants, because fake breasts are usually way better than real ones. Implants can be perfect. Natural things suck. Crocodiles, hurricanes, poison ivy, asteroids, B cups. Nothing good ever comes from nature, and girls like Stacy Keibler need to step up.

Challenging Stacy for the weekends most boring Las Vegas pool pictures was Melissa Rycroft, who was down the street hosting a party at The Palazzo. You may be tempted to skip those, but keep in mind that she poses the exact same way in all of them. You'll be kicking yourself if you miss that.

(3 more pics of Stacy here. hq jump here)

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