Chris Brown was violent before

By brendon August 26, 2009 @ 10:41 AM


When Chris Brown was sentenced yesterday to 5 years’ probation and 6 months’ of community service for beating Rihanna on February 8th, the judge also refused Rihannas request to strike down the order demanding Brown stay at least 300 yards away from her at all times. Equally surprising was that the judge confirmed reports that Brown had been violent before. The Daily Mail says…

A probation report prepared for Tuesday’s sentencing describes two previous incidents … the first happened about three months before the February beating while the couple was traveling in Europe; Rihanna slapped Brown during an argument, and he shoved her into a wall.
In the second instance, Brown allegedly broke the front and passenger side windows on a Range Rover they were driving while visiting Barbados. Neither attack was reported, the probation report states.

I realize that some people will look at those two instances and suggest they’re no big deal because he didn’t actually hit her on those occasions, and I think that’s a pretty good way to judge how much of an asshole this guy is, because it means the simple act of not punching a girl has somehow become commendable.

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    SomeoneluvsU 08/26/2009 10:45

    NIGZ, FIGZ, yada, yada, yada

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    pepper 08/26/2009 10:46


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    pepper 08/26/2009 10:46


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    pepper 08/26/2009 10:46


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    pepper 08/26/2009 10:47

    I think it’s best I stay away.

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    DB's Treasure 08/26/2009 10:53

    Nice first post, SomeoneluvsU

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    Big Smelly Dirt Cock 08/26/2009 10:54

    Is it really surprising that he beat her before? This guy’s an asshole and I hope he dies slowly in horrific fashion very soon. Not necessarily because he beat Rihanna but because his music sucks and I’m sick of hearing about him.

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 08/26/2009 10:54

    I question “gangsters” and “tuff guys” who sing and dance on stage for a living.

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    RedRage 08/26/2009 10:55

    Hey DB, Team Canada want to apologize to the Flyers for breaking Simon Gagne.

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    El Jefe 08/26/2009 10:56

    I would submit that if she slapped in the a previous incident that she deserved to be thrown against a wall.

    Look, women, you can’t go around getting all physical and not expect to be retaliated against. Equal rights, ya know.

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    RedRage 08/26/2009 10:56

    The only place this human shit stick is tough would be if he was cast in High school musical. Tough people don’t hit women, only emotionally buggered pussies hit women.

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    Veracity 08/26/2009 10:56

    Oh FUCK THIS BULLSHIT! I have never hit a woman in my life for 1 reason and 1 reason alone!

    They have never hit me!

    She hits him in the face and gets push away for it? I would have “Cracked her fuckin head open, and hopefully gotten outta jail at the same time she was getting out of her coma, and Cracked her fuckin head open again Good Fellas style” if she hit me.

    It’s bullshit. It’s justifiable for a woman to hit a man, but if he retaliates out of frustration he is a woman beater?

    Just like the old saying goes…

    “If you hit like a man, be prepared to be hit like a man”


    I need another drink…

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    El Jefe 08/26/2009 11:00

    That wasn’t Goodfellas, Veracity. That was Casino.

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    Veracity 08/26/2009 11:03

    I do not believe in hitting anyone, male or female. But you don’t get off the hook because you wear lipstick. If the Virgin Mary hit me in the face, I’d kick her piss box so hard she would have to change her name to just “Mary”.

    I don’t think I need another drink.

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    Veracity 08/26/2009 11:04

    Ahh shit. My bad Jefe

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    DB's Treasure 08/26/2009 11:05

    RedRage, Gagne thinks he’ll be fine by training camp. He said the first practice for Canada went hard and he hadn’t skated hard since the end of last season…so it’s a question of tightness. He didn’t pull/tear anything. But we’ll know today. He’s in Philly getting checked out by the Flyers docs. He will not be going back to Canada to play for them. Any idea who his replacement is gonna be?

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    Watt 08/26/2009 11:06

    Rich nîgger gets away with a crime

    Why is this news?

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    RemSteale 08/26/2009 11:07

    Where are the cops from South Park when you really need them?

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    pepper 08/26/2009 11:08

    first post about MJ beating death.
    second post about CB beating a woman
    will the third post be about Paul Reubens beating his meat?

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    dirtydiane 08/26/2009 11:08

    he shoulda got more time. but only because he didn’t beat that bad fashion sense and horrible music out of her.

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