Kate Gosselin is very sad


Kate Gosselin was photographed crying yesterday evening as she checked into a hotel moments after being escorted from her home by the police. Splash News says...

Kate checks into the Days Inn moments after having a fight with Jon Gosselin at the front gate of their home. Police were called in as she was not allowed in by Jon as he has custody of the children at the house this week. Kate had been screaming at him about Nanny Stephanie Santoro that had been on duty that day around the children. Kate was visibly upset as she arrived to her hotel as she used a kleenex to wipe the tears away in the front seat of her SUV.

Wow this is really sad. What will she do now? Will she stay there all week? And why wouldn't Jon let her see the kids?

These are just a few of the things I might be thinking if Kate wasn't a mean spirited condescending bitch with a bizarre sense of entitlement. But she is so fuck her. She can sit there and cry until she blacks out from dehydration for all I care.

Next story.

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