lindsay is easily impressed

By brendon September 29, 2009 @ 5:07 PM


Lindsay Lohan is in Singapore today, which pisses me off to no end. How come this bitch gets to go to Singapore? I want to go to Singapore. Jesus, she doesn’t even do anything! Hopefully someone will kidnap her and sell her to a “Taken’-esque white slavery ring, but I’m pessimistic because white slavery is pretty much my answer to everything, and I’ve been burned too many times before.

All she does here is look ugly and watch some street performer do magic tricks. She seem’s impressed, but keep in mind that she’s practically retarded. If she get’s even 1 point dumber she’ll have to be kept on a leash. Too bad this guy didn’t pull a quarter from behind her ear. By tonight she’d be in the ER with her hand and wrist stuck in her ear.  “I thought there might be more.”

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    CodPiece 09/29/2009 17:10

    That’s a dumb bitch!

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    pepper 09/29/2009 17:12

    I wish she would do porn. I don’t give a shit how dumb she is…..

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    Zombie 09/29/2009 17:13

    In pic 13 the guy is demonstrating how much cock Lindsay can stuff in her mouth at once… and judging by her pic in the banner I can’t say I’m surprised.

  4. avatar
    pepper 09/29/2009 17:15

    Lindsay is so dumb, she can only count in inches…

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    SomeoneluvsU 09/29/2009 17:15

    Chris Angel and the mindless freak

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    dirtydiane 09/29/2009 17:21

    she looks like shit

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    SuperB 09/29/2009 17:24

    She has not done any acting-work in general for so long, yet is galavanting everywhere and spending money like crazy….how the fuck does that work?

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    DarkCherry 09/29/2009 17:27

    omg can i please be in charge of the ll posts? she’s not in singapore today. she’s in paris today. she just left singapore.

    sup – she was hosting the F1 concert series. so she got paid to be there.

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    dirtydiane 09/29/2009 17:27

    :: face palm ::

  10. avatar
    DarkCherry 09/29/2009 17:30

    obsessed much yeah yeah i know i know

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    Observer 09/29/2009 17:34

    I may stand alone in this opinion…..

    ….but I still insist that she would look better naked……

    ….and duct-taped to the bed in my guest room…..

    …(I’d hate to offend my wife)

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    Perdogg 09/29/2009 17:42

    Singapore is shopping centre with a UN seat.

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    SCUM 09/29/2009 17:51

    I have itchy pubes.

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    Poopy Pants 09/29/2009 17:52

    Whoever started the stupid conspiracy that Lohan is hott and we should worship her and cover her in the tabloids to no end? I think that she’s ugly (even before the coke and cigarettes REALLY got to her) and sounds like a man. Can we ban her completely on WWTDD? Please? Vote Yay if you have a soul and vote Nay if you’re gay

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    Rusty Sanchez 09/29/2009 17:55

    Sup, last post…love the dissertation. If I meet Josh out in Boston, I’ll put in a good word for you. You may want to send me some nude photos as backup to help make up his mind.

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    Jean-Claude Van Douche 09/29/2009 17:55

    She is a filthy ho and all but I’d still like to touch her breasts…get an idea of the heft…

  17. avatar
    DarkCherry 09/29/2009 17:56

    NAy cuz she still has bouncy tits and is always too coked out to remember her bra.

  18. avatar
    CodPiece 09/29/2009 17:58

    I want pics of bouncy tits …

  19. avatar
    Poopy Pants 09/29/2009 18:00

    Once again, it doesn’t matter how ugly or disgusting the chick is…As long as she has big saggy boobs, guys on here still want to jump her bones. Am I the only one with any discretion around here?

  20. avatar
    Rusty Sanchez 09/29/2009 18:17

    You’re amongst deviants poopy pants, there’s no denying it.

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