megan fox is a good actress

When people roll their eyes and make fun of Megan Fox, it's probably because they're fat and/or unattractive, and people like that are always real jealous. The truth is, Megan Fox is a good actress. I'm mostly saying that because she's so hot I would fukk a shoe she wore a month ago, but Roger Ebert is a professional, and he feels the same way.

Fox did her career a lot of good with the two "Transformer" movies, but this is her first chance to really act, and you know what? She comes through. She has your obligatory projectile vomiting scene and somehow survives it, she plays the role straight, and she looks convincing in a blood-drenched dress with her hair all straggly. The film is directed by Karen Kusama, who in the splendid "Girlfight" (2000) introduced Michelle Rodriguez. She handles this material efficiently and with a certain relish. It's not art, it's not "Juno," it's not "Girlfight" for that matter, but as a movie about a flesh-eating cheerleader, it's better than it has to be.

The clip above, from the always great, is the kissing scene with Megan and the girl from 'Mean Girls' whose name I don't know. If that alone isn't enough to make you wanna see this, there's a pretty good chance you might be gay.  So you might wanna have that looked at.

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