mummies with hoop earings, pt 2

By brendon September 10, 2009 @ 11:49 AM


Sarah Jessica Parker filmed more 80′s flashback scenes for the ‘Sex and the City’ sequel yesterday (just like Kim Cattrall the day before), despite the fact that she looks 95 years old, I don’t give a fuck how many bangle bracelets you put on her. This movies got some balls. You might as well put antlers on a pig and call it a deer. At least they had the good sense to hold back on the Madonna-style crucifix. Any religous stuff on someone this weathered and ugly would just make her look like some kind of demon hunter.

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    TheOverrated 09/10/2009 11:50

    she looks a transsexual horse

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    Slaappy 09/10/2009 11:52

    I’d rather get a prostrate exam than see another SATC post

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    TheOverrated 09/10/2009 11:52

    and she wishes her boobs were that big
    jibz nibz

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    Tom Foolery 09/10/2009 11:58

    Wow, that is two days in a row with disgusting sex in the city hags.

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    dirtydiane 09/10/2009 11:59

    this movie is going to suck balls harder than the first one. you couldn’t pay me enough money to sit through 2 hours of this kind of torture.

    and throw a long black dress and a pointy hat on horse face and you’ve got yourself a halloween witch.

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    Rusty Sanchez 09/10/2009 12:00

    Oh crap, that image may have just killed any possibility of an erection today. That is, on the off chance we get to see some tits today.

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    Woodsman 09/10/2009 12:02

    No sh*t they wouldn’t hang a crucifix on her, it would burn its way through her skin

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    Ghost of Paleomiz 09/10/2009 12:03

    i heard a vicious rumor that tengo was calling the sex tape we made “sex with the shitty”

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    unclefriendlyhands 09/10/2009 12:03

    Here’s an idea, how about we boycott old lady boner killer posts. Yuk. We should only be able to find this pic on

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    shortandsweet 09/10/2009 12:05

    she looks like madame, the ventriloquist puppet

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    bubbish 09/10/2009 12:10

    that is one of the scariest things I have ever seen…so much for sleeping now for the next month

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    The Fried Man 09/10/2009 12:11

    Suspension of disbelief is going to be impossible for a movie that is already trying to convince me that SJP can get laid by cool guys like Chris Noth.

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    Rusty Sanchez 09/10/2009 12:12

    And as if 1 pic wasnt bad enough, we get 31 horrible images! I need to get the defibrilator and shock the life back into my johnson.

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    Watt 09/10/2009 12:16

    DD she did a movie where she played a witch.

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    Rokan 09/10/2009 12:19

    Is there a fucking clown convention in town?

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    dirtydiane 09/10/2009 12:21

    not much of a stretch for her then, huh watt?

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    RedRage 09/10/2009 12:22

    JAP cover girl. Probably gives one hell of a titty fuck. I’d glaze them for her.

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    leftnutofjesus 09/10/2009 12:24

    hell, i never admitted to it before, but now that he’s got a dress on,

    i’d fuck the hell out of eddie van halen. mmm mmm mmm 2 nuts for you, good sir.

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    dirtydiane 09/10/2009 12:24

    she’s not a JAP, red. she’s just an ugly wench.

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    Watt 09/10/2009 12:27

    WoW lefty…

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