do people not know this?

By brendon October 20, 2009 @ 2:48 PM


Lots of websites have some old black and white pictures of Dita Von Tease today, supposedly “never before seen” nudes. I don’t know what to call whatever the hell it is she does now, but she used to be naked all the damn time. That bitch is horrible looking. She’s pale with a weird body. And she wanted to be a model. Of course she was gonna get naked. It’s not like there’s some placement test for models. There’s no sanctioning body. Hottest model wins. And unfortunately for her she looks like a ghost you would see on the Titanic.

I’m not putting this ocular poison on Tyler but go over here if you want and there’s a whole gallery of her f’n herself with a popsicle. Go nuts if that’s what you like. I’m not here to judge, man. But don’t open these at work. You may think you can be sneaky, but you’ll get busted when they hear your frightened whimpering.

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    leftnutofjesus 10/20/2009 15:32

    observer, i’m not into beastiality.

    but that wolf-rat is eating that bitch out something fierce. i got wood.

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    RedRage 10/20/2009 15:33

    DB, at least it’s your own cum. I was sucking on a hookers pussy one night and got a blast of flavor from a previous customer!

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    leftnutofjesus 10/20/2009 15:34


    was he standing in the corner before you came in or did you just try to put him out of your mind?

    i hate it when people cum in my face too….

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    RedRage 10/20/2009 15:35

    No B it was like he spit a green oyster at me! Made me gag as I watched it land on the floor.

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    Jean-Claude Van Douche 10/20/2009 15:36

    RedRage – You might want to re-evaluate your life after the HIV test.

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    RedRage 10/20/2009 15:36

    Lefty, he was in the corner stroking it trying to get hard again so we could Eiffel tower the bitch!

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    DB's Treasure 10/20/2009 15:37

    Good Lord, it took 8 wipes before I pulled up a wad of TP with no shit on it. It was like cleaning up after the EXXON Valdez incident.

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    CB007 10/20/2009 15:37

    I don’t know Ssnakeoil. Maybe I’m just so fabulous that the fake CB sits here all day awaiting my glorious presence? Everyone else seems to also.

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    RedRage 10/20/2009 15:38

    JCVD, don’t think everything you read on here is non fiction! I didn’t really suck on a hookers growler! Just made me laugh writing it!

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    leftnutofjesus 10/20/2009 15:41

    i don’t eiffel tower a bitch. i church bitches.

    meaning i invite them in, i fill them with good food and promises. then fuck them and take their money.

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    Jean-Claude Van Douche 10/20/2009 15:47

    RedRage – My response was based purely on the statement made. I assume 90% of what is said on here in that type of tone (99.9% of Rokan’s woman stories) are fiction.

    I kind of giggled at the HIV test thing…

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    SCUM 10/20/2009 15:47

    I think Pepper is both CB’s and he is stroking off to all the attention he/she/them is getting.

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    Watt 10/20/2009 15:48

    I didn’t know your church was LDS lefty!

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    Jean-Claude Van Douche 10/20/2009 15:49

    *is fiction

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    DB's Treasure 10/20/2009 15:50

    I wonder if there’s any such thing as a hot retarded girl…

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    DB's Treasure 10/20/2009 15:50

    And I mean the REAL mental disability, not Paris Hilton retarded.

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    SCUM 10/20/2009 15:51

    Any girl that hooks up with you DB has to be kind os SPECIAL.

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    CB007 10/20/2009 15:51

    lol scum.. i only want attention from you!

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    SuperB 10/20/2009 15:51

    Prob depends on the level of retard your talking Deebs

    and I know Finks would say it if he was here. Baby wipes….

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    RedRage 10/20/2009 15:52

    So did I!

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