katrina bowden is deceptive

By brendon October 05, 2009 @ 2:13 PM

Katrina Bowden sighting in Miami Beach

I feel tricked by these pictures of ’30 Rock’ star Katrina Bowden in Miami this weekend, because she looks amazing in thumbnails, but only “good” in actual pictures. So maybe don’t even open these pictures, and just enjoy the thumbnails. Or do open the pictures and then mush your face into the monitor to see them even closer. Whatever. It’s your life man.

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    Woodsman 10/05/2009 14:13

    game on, ssssnake

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    Woodsman 10/05/2009 14:14


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    Woodsman 10/05/2009 14:14

    sleepy Monday

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    Woodsman 10/05/2009 14:14


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    Rusty Sanchez 10/05/2009 14:15


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    Woodsman 10/05/2009 14:15


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    Woodsman 10/05/2009 14:15

    Rusty: well played sir.

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    Rusty Sanchez 10/05/2009 14:16

    Sorry Wood. I’m bored too.

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    Zombie 10/05/2009 14:16

    And of course, the fuckstick she’s hanging out with at the beach is wearing Ed Hardy swimming trunks.

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    SuperB 10/05/2009 14:19

    aww thanks Z but everyone knows im not a swirly

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    Rusty Sanchez 10/05/2009 14:20

    I’m not sure I agree with NPD. I wouldnt be ashamed to hit that. Better looking than Katie Perry in my opinion.

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    DarkCherry 10/05/2009 14:21

    DC trunks Z

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    DB's Treasure 10/05/2009 14:21

    Is this the chick from The Brady Bunch Movie?

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    DarkCherry 10/05/2009 14:22

    lol that looks weird.

    z – those are DC trunks


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    SCUM 10/05/2009 14:22

    Pepper has Ed Hardy chaps.

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    DB's Treasure 10/05/2009 14:23

    nevermind…but it kinda looked like her in the banner pic

    nevertheless, I’d lick the sharp pubes from her razor blade

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    Headly 10/05/2009 14:25

    I don’t know what NPD is talking about, she looks fine. A little breakable but fine. Not that the assrag she’s with looks capable of breaking her…

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    Headly 10/05/2009 14:26

    Oh, and Splendid!

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    SuperB 10/05/2009 14:29

    its a nice day at the beach, that guy needs to take off his sweater

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    Woodsman 10/05/2009 14:31

    new up … as you could guess, npd has acted quickly to update a bikini post with a lame post about Gaga. ridiculous.

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