Lindsay cant design clothes. Thats why no one pays her.

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Many were surprised two months ago when the Italian fashion house Ungaro hired Lindsay Lohan as a consultant and designer. But now that you know they didn’t really hire her and she had to do it for free because she has no idea wtf she’s doing, it sort of makes more sense.

“Ungaro is not paying her at all to be a consultant for them,” a source close to Lohan told Fox 411. “Her team is working to get Lindsay some form of payment from the fashion house, but right now they will only give her free clothes.”
And while the line was universally slammed by critics, the legendary fashion house seems to have made a savvy business decision in bringing Lohan on board for free.
“The deal is perfect for them – they have nothing to lose, even though the clothes were not a big hit during Paris fashion week. Lindsay even paid for her flight and hotel in Paris,” the source said.

Fox goes on to say that her record label has officially cut all ties with her, so that’s the end of Lindsay the singer.

It’s astounding that this chick hasn’t had her Britney-shaved-head type meltdown yet. It shouldn’t be that hard to break her. Just go talk to her, and say things like, “I really wanna see that movie. The special effects help me look amazing.” And she’ll say, “Did you just say ‘help me’?” And you look at her like she’s crazy and say, “What, no. Why would I say ‘help me’?”

Then do that same thing with “kill them” and “I’m crazy” and “why is this happening” or whatever. Then get behind something that can hold up to a speeding car.

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