michael jefferson steals music

By brendon October 12, 2009 @ 7:32 PM


‘This Is It’ is the new song from Michael Jackson that leaked online over the weekend, and by all accounts it will be a huge hit for Jackson but also for Paul Anka. Because he’s the one Jackson stole the song from.

Anka tells TMZ in 1983, he wrote a song with Jackson called “I Never Heard” — and the demo of the song was recorded in Anka’s studio in Carmel, CA. Anka says he took the tape to a studio in Hollywood to put the finishing touches on it for Anka’s duets album, “Walk a Fine Line.” Anka claims Jackson — who was just blowing up at the time with “Thriller” — got a big
Anka gave “I Never Heard” to another artist — Safire — who recorded it in 1990.

Jackson probably didn’t think he’d get into trouble because the song is absolutely god damn awful. Why the hell would anyone care? It would be like getting sued for sneaking into someones yard at night and stealing their dogshit. (hear Michaels version and the 1990 version below)

My Song – michael donnelly

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    Rusty Sanchez 10/12/2009 19:39

    I think the song should be called “This is Shit”

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    Rusty Sanchez 10/12/2009 19:53

    I think it would be awesome if Joe Jackson (Michael’s father, not the white dude) wanted to continue to capitilize on his son’s fame and dug up Michael in a year or 2 after he started to decompose and had the “Michael Jackson Thriller Revisited” tour. He could have strings attached to his arms and legs and have a puppeteer moving him across the stage. And for obvious reasons they wouldn’t need even to make him up in the zombie makeup. I’d pay to see that.

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    courage 10/12/2009 19:59

    I don’t really understand what this article is saying… can you actually post the link?

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    BALLSY 10/12/2009 19:59

    I want the sex tape where he banged lisa Marie Presley!

  5. avatar
    Rokan 10/12/2009 20:09

    Ive seen it. Lisa Marie goes at it with a cucumber while Michael sits in the corner rocking himself and crying.

    Its pretty hot.

  6. avatar
    pepper 10/12/2009 20:36

    ve seen it. Michael goes at it with a cucumber while Lisa sits in the corner rocking herself and crying.

    Its pretty hot and sad at the same time.

  7. avatar
    Rokan 10/12/2009 20:58


    You’re funnier than me. You know that?

  8. avatar
    pepper 10/12/2009 21:01

    Rokan, I’m sorry, Mylene made me write that…..

  9. avatar
    Rokan 10/12/2009 21:01

    You can’t type to save your fucking life though.

  10. avatar
    pepper 10/12/2009 21:02

    oooooh, look at the big man!!!

  11. avatar
    Rokan 10/12/2009 21:03

    I think Carolyn is some chick that you and Ballsy double-teamed in the storage room, during one of your “job interviews,” and left jizz in her hair.

    Chicks don’t dig that, Pepper.

  12. avatar
    pepper 10/12/2009 21:05

    I don’t share!

  13. avatar
    Rokan 10/12/2009 21:08


    Tell the truth.

    1) Were you the one who strung those paper clips on that poor girl?
    B) Did she get the job?

  14. avatar
    pepper 10/12/2009 21:10

    1) YES
    2) she had been working for 4 months. That pic was a few days before her school year ended and she went back home.

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    Rusty Sanchez 10/12/2009 21:12

    Hey is this one of those sticky sweet cum guzzling conversations I’ve been hearing so much about lately?

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    pepper 10/12/2009 21:13

    so Michael Jefferson is MJ?
    No wonder he went to Twitter.

  17. avatar
    Rokan 10/12/2009 21:20


    Don’t let jealousy turn you into a schizophrenic transvestite. It been know to happen.

    I think you should stop hanging out with Ballsy.
    And I think the State of New York might have something to say about your “interview” practices.

    I’ve heard about those casting couches in the modeling industry.

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    pepper 10/12/2009 21:28

    It looks like tomorrow is going to be all about Nigg*rs..I think we should all have an avatar that relates to Ninjas

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    angelove35 10/12/2009 21:32

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    Rokan 10/12/2009 21:38


    Don’t be a racist. Its already bad enough that you are a deviant.

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