Theres a new Wolfman trailer

By brendon October 22, 2009 @ 8:18 AM

It seems like ‘the Wolfman’ was filmed years and years ago, but now it’s finally wrapped up and last night a second trailer arrived. Benecio Del Toro is the Wolfman of course, and Anthoiny Hopkins plays his father. Presumably the movie explains how Anthony Hopkins, who looks like Santa, begat Benecio Del Toro, who sounds like mumbly BumbleBee man.

But even better than a trailer is this World Exclusive clip given to me by one of my inside Hollywood sources. WARNING: HEAVY SPOILERS. Come back here when you’re done.

Okay are you back? Awesome right? Talk about action. And the effects! I guess this is a rough cut so there’s still some polish to do but I was still pretty scared.


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  1. RemSteale 10/22/2009 08:27

    That actually looks pretty cool.
    And Emily Blunt is in it.

  2. RemSteale 10/22/2009 08:29

    And I am not going to try for the record

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  14. SomeoneluvsU 10/22/2009 08:33

    Go for the gold Rem

  15. RemSteale 10/22/2009 08:33


  16. RemSteale 10/22/2009 08:33

    13. Oh well. That wordpress error is bloody annoying

  17. Tom Foolery 10/22/2009 08:37

    Morning kids, guess I missed out on the whole Marrissa Miller ass post, is anybody else have a fucked up looking page this morning?

  18. whatizdat 10/22/2009 08:37

    it looks cool probably check it out

    this layout is going to take some getting used to

  19. RemSteale 10/22/2009 08:39

    Its not just you Tom, apparently this is the new site layout.
    And still no bloody text editing tools

  20. SomeoneluvsU 10/22/2009 08:44

    The new layout feels like going to the hospital, all bright and sterile….
    just like Brendam (minus the bright part)

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