victoria silvstedt is easily relaxed


Former Playmate of the Year and current professional prostitute Victoria Silvstedt was on the beach in St Tropez this weekend, and she seemed to think that was as good a place as any to masturbate. But she's always been this way. And by "this way", I mean, "awesome". After the jump are 17 pictures of some guy going down on her on a pier in July of 2006, and here (1,2,3) are pictures of her with no pants on, masturbating on a hotel balcony.

Really the question is why wouldn't you masturbate on the beach if you were a hot girl. Stop being so stuck up.  If guys could masturbate with no residual effects to worry about, the world would essentially come to a stop. My penis would have grooves worn into it from all the abuse. I would have a 4.000,000 - 0 record against my penis.

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