brace yourself for boredom

By brendon November 16, 2009 @ 6:35 PM


‘High School Musical’ star Ashley Tisdale is in Mexico today, and sites like Tyler are pretty much obligated to post pictures like this, so I apologize. She’s so GD boring. She’s not ugly, she’s not pretty, her body isn’t good but it’s not awful either. She’s completely average in every way. I doubt I could even get an erection with this dull mess, and I’m a serial rapist who targets blonds. Oh crap, I only meant to think that, not type it. Anyone know how to delete a post on wordpress? Please email me right away if you do.

(source = flynet online and splash news online)

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    dirtysanchez 11/16/2009 18:40

    any bets on when she’ll boost up the boobs like she fixed her nose? lulz

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    DB's Treasure 11/16/2009 18:41

    Why do all these idiots go to Mexico? If I had money, you better bet your ass I wouldn’t be wasting my time in some dirty shit pit like Mexico. Hawaii is where it’s at!

    Oh, and I would nail this wench so much they’d sell her uterus as cattle ground.

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    lonely 11/16/2009 18:43

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    DB's Treasure 11/16/2009 18:43

    We shouldn’t complain about Chubby’s attendance here on Durden. Every classroom needs a classmate to set the curve.

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    Watt 11/16/2009 18:47

    See here’s where I fundamentally disagree with you Brendón. The shear amount of force in which I’d plow this disney brats holes (all 9 of them) would leave her in an orgasm puddle dead in the ground from a stroke.

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 11/16/2009 18:47

    “and sites like Tyler are pretty much obligated to post pictures like this, so I apologize.”

    Obligated? it’s your fucking site!?!? post what you want to. Why would you EVER post something you had to apologize for on your own site? ohhhhhh maybe cause you are a yes man now, and do what marketing tells you.

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    DB's Treasure 11/16/2009 18:51

    “ohhhhhh maybe cause you are a yes man now, and do what marketing tells you.”

    I was going to answer you with something similar, Dirt, until I got to that part of your comment.

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 11/16/2009 18:51

    you all have a good evening, including you chubb. I must drink now.

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    DB's Treasure 11/16/2009 18:52

    To drink tonight, or not to drink tonight…

    …that is the question….

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    whatizdat 11/16/2009 18:52

    I think I’d enjoy playing sit n spin with her

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 11/16/2009 18:53

    its a question of “what” not “if” haha ok im gone now have a good evening everone.

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    whatizdat 11/16/2009 18:53

    Damn DB thought you had a dry weekend?

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    Watt 11/16/2009 18:54

    Deebs question is not whether to drink its what and how much.

    But you see I’m a damn alcoholic irishman.

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    DB's Treasure 11/16/2009 18:56

    Whatiz, this weekend did not have much drinking at all. But my Flyers are battling the Devils tonight and I wouldn’t mind throwing back a few brews.

    Watt, you’ve convinced me; Molson Canadian it is! Tonight I’m pissin on something….perhaps myself.

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    Watt 11/16/2009 18:58

    I’m all for the advancement of drinking.

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    DB's Treasure 11/16/2009 18:59

    I bid a good morrow.

    ::shits pants; exits office waddling::

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    whatizdat 11/16/2009 19:00

    Enjoy man, should be a good game, nice choice for suds.

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    Watt 11/16/2009 19:19

    Catch you ass to mouthers later

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    entropissed 11/16/2009 19:20

    Hockey night is the night to drink!

    The reason these bitches go to Mexico is for Montezuma’s Revenge, that’s how they keep those sexy figures. Ya think some of them would realize Taco Bell and a prescription enema would be a lot cheaper, but these are some stupid people we are dealing with folks.

    I’d take her home, but I’d have to kick her out of my race car bed at 35mph

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    entropissed 11/16/2009 19:29

    This is the kind of chick you fuck to make people think you’re not gay (but oh god what if they find out the truth?)

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