everyone hates lindsay

By brendon November 23, 2009 @ 2:37 PM


Last week, Lindsay Lohan threw a hissyfit after she tried to help herself to $15,000 worth of clothes from the LA store Kitson. You may find this hard to believe, but they didn’t let her. Naturally, Lindsay was offended by this and snapped at the clerk that the store owner would want her to have all this stuff, for free, because he loves her so much. Oh hey guess what.

Kitson heads have blasted the liberty-taking star and insist she’s lucky they’re still stocking her 6126 leggings.
A spokesman said: “We’re actually really offended. The tables have turned and now we’re the customer.
“We spent $50,000 on her leggings line, but she hasn’t come to the store in three years, and she didn’t even do a personal appearance.
“She should have brought cookies for the staff to thank them for selling her leggings because she does nothing.
“We don’t know if we’ll continue to carry them.”

That it took even this long is all the proof you need that Hollywood is run by complete morons. No one likes Lindsay. Or Paris or Perez or the people on the Hills.  Being affiliated with any of them only makes you look dumb. It would be like having the Klan endorse you for mayor.

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 11/23/2009 14:37

    sigh….is she dead yet?

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 11/23/2009 14:39

    “No one likes Lindsay. Being affiliated with her can only hurt you. It would be like the Klan endorsing you for mayor.”

    Then why may i ask, do you continue to post about her?

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    Tito's Anal Adventures 11/23/2009 14:41

    I hate her.

    But I’d still fuck her.

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    dirtysanchez 11/23/2009 14:42

    because its fun to bash and talk about stupid celebrity tards who think they’re all that and a bag of chips

    sad thing is that she used to be hot, and had she taken a different route in her life, she could probably be doing a lot better. alas, yet another story of celebs not handling themselves well. she should just do a playboy spread for money, and tehn we can finally forget her forever…forever…FOREVER…FOR-EV-ER…

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    Baphomet 11/23/2009 14:42

    She looks like she power lifts anger at least 3 times a week.

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    Slaappy 11/23/2009 14:44

    <===== I suspect LL has a dead beaver

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 11/23/2009 14:44

    We need one of her drug dealers to step up and do the right thing already. And by the right thing, i mean sell her some bad shit so she can complete the Heath Ledger, DJ AM, trifecta.

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    Zombie 11/23/2009 14:45

    Madden Arcade comes out tomorrow for $14.99. Looks like you pretty much get what you pay for–


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    Watt 11/23/2009 14:45

    I miss fapping to this lindsay


    Hang on someones at the door.

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    Slaappy 11/23/2009 14:46

    I cordially invite RR or Bella if they bring over lots of bottles of Weisers

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    dirtysanchez 11/23/2009 14:46

    speaking of other stuff, the blonde on the episode of True Life “i’m in a long distance relationship” is cute and has some tig ol’ bitties :drool:

    stupid girl is in a relationship with a guy who lives in Dallas, and she lives in Austin. lol, hot girls putting themselves through pain because she can’t figure anything else out…sigh

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 11/23/2009 14:47

    get some molsen XXX instead and make it a thanksgiving to remember, or not remember.

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    Tom Foolery 11/23/2009 14:48

    Wouldn’t be another bloody Monday without our girl Lindsey, if there is a god then how is this chick still around or hasn’t pissed off a gypsy and taken out “Drag me to Hell” style.

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    DB's Treasure 11/23/2009 14:48

    Zombie, what the shit is that??? It’s like NFL Blitz, but only shittier.

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    DB's Treasure 11/23/2009 14:48

    Molson XXX; a six pack will make you piss your pants.

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    SuperB 11/23/2009 14:49

    Yeah, I wont be buying that one Z. And Madden is killing me on PS3, im playing like a second grader for fucks sakes

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 11/23/2009 14:49

    very true DB. a buddy of mine ruined a couch of mine cause of that.

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    Baphomet 11/23/2009 14:50

    And to think how shaggable she was in Herby the Love Bug. …She makes such a bad blond, …CUT IT OUT ALREADY!

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 11/23/2009 14:50

    why do crack whores always have the worst roots?

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