'fight club' turns 10 tommorow


‘Fight Club' is unquestionably the best movie ever made, and tomorrow, finally, it comes out on Blu-Ray and a special DVD to celebrate its 10th anniversary. In high school me and my friends used to get together and fight for no reason other than to do it, and that was before this was even a movie, so maybe that's why it still resonates with me. I mean we didn't actually punch each other, because I would have been frightened and I didn't have any friends, but on Friday night I would make popcorn balls with my mom, and she would send me to my room if I ate too many and then I would kick my stuffed animals, so in that sense it was still very much like 'Fight Club'.

I'm supposed to have some copies of this to give away tomorrow so I guess I'll think up some kind of contest for that. Until then, here are picture of sexy/shirtless Brad Pitt to make you feel bad about yourself, even if you are actually Brad Pitt.

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