jennifer aniston sucks in mexico too


Jennifer Aniston is on vacation in Mexico today, although you may have to take my word on that because these bikini pictures are so blurry and muddled and annoying. Much like Jennifer Aniston herself. It's like you and I are psychics seeing her aura, looking right through her and straight to her personality.

God she sucks. Look at her. Looking over the chair like a lost little doggy. Hoping for someone to love her. But guess what Jennifer, unlike that little dog, no one will ever love you because you're a clingy, self-centered, pain in the ass, and your visually disturbing chin makes you look like that mailman guy who told the story of Santa. Your chin is like something a dinosaur would have to ward off predators. Good luck with your cats, you mean old bitch.

(image source = splash news online)

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