jennifer aniston sucks in mexico too

By brendon November 13, 2009 @ 1:38 PM


Jennifer Aniston is on vacation in Mexico today, although you may have to take my word on that because these bikini pictures are so blurry and muddled and annoying. Much like Jennifer Aniston herself. It’s like you and I are psychics seeing her aura, looking right through her and straight to her personality.

God she sucks. Look at her. Looking over the chair like a lost little doggy. Hoping for someone to love her. But guess what Jennifer, unlike that little dog, no one will ever love you because you’re a clingy, self-centered, pain in the ass, and your visually disturbing chin makes you look like that mailman guy who told the story of Santa. Your chin is like something a dinosaur would have to ward off predators. Good luck with your cats, you mean old bitch.

(image source = splash news online)


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  1. DB's Treasure 11/13/2009 13:45

    Okay, the mailman link/reference made me laugh.

  2. SinDs 11/13/2009 13:48

    i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again, she isn’t THAT bad.

  3. SsnakeOil 11/13/2009 13:54

    I agree, SinDs. She’s in great shape and she’s far from ugly. She is a little annoying, though.

  4. DB's Treasure 11/13/2009 13:55

    I still get a chubby when I watch the movie “Derailed” and Aniston looks at Clive Owen and says, “I want you to fuck me”.

  5. Bella 11/13/2009 13:55

    She’s a mediocre actress but she has elevated tanning to a near art form, so, give credit where it’s due….

    Being a self-centered, neurotic, pain in the ass are requirements for the acting profession….

  6. dirtysanchez 11/13/2009 13:55

    she’s hot, i’d hit it still. but +1 on the annoying

    actually, i’d take aniston over courtney cox any day. courtney looks old now :(

  7. Watt 11/13/2009 13:55

    She’s getting in shape for brad!

  8. SsnakeOil 11/13/2009 13:56

    Philly sounds like fun…

  9. SinDs 11/13/2009 13:58

    shit, i’d probably be annoying if my hubby left me for angelina too. that shit sucks.

  10. Tom Foolery 11/13/2009 14:01

    She’s not bad at all, and an easy choice for best looking chick posted today…but winning out over Lindsey is a given.

  11. Bella 11/13/2009 14:04

    Ya know SinDs, I think it would be worse if Brad has dumped her to hook back up with Juliette Lewis….

  12. entropissed 11/13/2009 14:05

    Aniston can suck south of the border for me all she wants.

    …she can even call me Brad

  13. Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 11/13/2009 14:06

    the gallery pics are all blurry and pointless. Then he clicked zoom on the already blurry pics and added zoomed pics of the same blurry pics.

    ” I know these pictures are shit, but i have nothing else to offer at this time so please bear with me”, is how it should have read.

    That being said, i would still fuck the shit out of her, even if she is blurry.

  14. SinDs 11/13/2009 14:07

    that’s an excellent point bella!

  15. Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 11/13/2009 14:08

    its time for brad to move on. Angie’s experiation date passed a few months ago. She’s no where near the hotness she used to possess. Plus that fuck trench has to look like the Lincoln tunnel at rush hour these days.

  16. maestro2111 11/13/2009 14:09

    the only thing attractive about her is her check book

  17. DB's Treasure 11/13/2009 14:10

    Angelina Jolie hasn’t really done anything for me ever. The best I think she looked was in the Tomb Raider movie. She was hotter than hell in that.

  18. Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 11/13/2009 14:12

    these days Jens body is much finer than jolie’s. She’s squeezed out 2 kids or more. She’s all boney and looks like a skeleton with skin thrown over it. I couldn’t imagine the disaster that her boobs are when they aren’t crammed into a push up bra.

  19. Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 11/13/2009 14:13

    You all have a good weekend. I have to get some work done. Might pop back in later. Enjoy your friday the 13th’s and have great weekends everyone.

  20. SinDs 11/13/2009 14:14

    plus, when i think of jolie i think of octomom.

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