kim kardashian is getting better

By brendon November 24, 2009 @ 5:05 PM


I thought Kim Kardashian was always bragging about her big ass and loving her body the way it was, but apparently I was wrong and thank god because this new version that she posted on her twitter (full size pic here) is much much better. Her face looks kind of photoshopped, but if I think too much it will ruin the fantasy so I don’t really care. If I can pretend my girlfriend is Megan Fox during sex I can sure as hell pretend that a picture of Kim Kardashian is really Kim Kardashian.


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  1. chubby chaser 11/24/2009 17:09

    from a negro hater to a negro lover.

  2. Rokan 11/24/2009 17:13

    I don’t want you on top me, damnit

  3. chubby chaser 11/24/2009 17:14

    Photoshop does wonders.
    just look at my avatar.

  4. Rokan 11/24/2009 17:15

    What did you photo shop, your horns, or your disgustingly fat ass?

    Please tell me it wasn’t the beard.

  5. chubby chaser 11/24/2009 17:15

    how does it feel to be the meat between two slices of white bread?

  6. SsnakeOil 11/24/2009 17:15

    She’s got a great body…. but I still expect her to whinny when she opens her mouth. I can’t get past that “face”.

  7. Headly 11/24/2009 17:15

    I still like Whatiz’s avi better than her. Greetings, Rokan. How’s my beloved adopted hometown?

  8. Sensei John Kreese 11/24/2009 17:16


    About the Nailin’ Palin, go to spankwire and all will be made clear to you.


  9. DarkCherry 11/24/2009 17:17

    rokan is the meat in a CC sandwich…

  10. Headly 11/24/2009 17:17

    True Ssnake. This chcik could eat an apple through a chainlink fence. Still not as bad a horseface as Sarah jessica Parker. Holy shit, THAT broad could win the Preakness…

  11. Watt 11/24/2009 17:17

    Someone (from last thread): nígger. But I call osama obama that all the time

  12. Rokan 11/24/2009 17:17

    Getting chilly, my friend. The rain comes in tonight and turns to snow on Wed/Thurs. You know what the wind is like here, but Michigan Ave is all lit up, which is awesome.

  13. Headly 11/24/2009 17:17

    Spankwire, spankwire, splendid…

  14. iwontrememberthis 11/24/2009 17:18

    Pictures like Kim’s make me think the graphics in Beowulf and Christmas Carol are pretty realistic.

  15. SsnakeOil 11/24/2009 17:18

    That’s a damn Rokan/Chubby parfait up there.

  16. Rokan 11/24/2009 17:18

    Afternoon, Watt.

    Is that cranberry juice you’re drinking?

  17. dirtydiane 11/24/2009 17:19

    i am sure it’s just a shadow, but kim looks like she needs a visit to the mustache-waxer STAT.

    and i’m quite fond of whatiz’s avi as well…perhaps i shall recreate said picture to email to someone special….hmmm, yes….i think that would be lovely.

  18. SsnakeOil 11/24/2009 17:19

    exactly, iwont, she’s as Pixar-ated as Jordan was last night.

  19. oy 11/24/2009 17:19

    i think this came in from photo shop for dummies

  20. Headly 11/24/2009 17:21

    That makes me homesick for the place, dude. The Xmas lights are undoubtably on display on the Sears Tower and the Handcock as well.

    :::looks out at car fire and bombed out buildings:::

    Yeah, it’s nice around here too….

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