Australia kicks ass, part 2

By brendon December 17, 2009 @ 3:02 PM


Apparently you can’t walk 10 feet on an Australian beach without tripping over a blond model with perfect breasts, because yesterday Jessica Hart was walking around mostly naked at Bondi Beach in Sydney. She has one of those big gaps between her teeth, but flaws like that make hot girls more attainable, either because it chips away at their confidence or other guys are turned off. It’s with this is mind that I’ve been spreading the rumor that Megan Fox wets the bed.

(source = pacific coast online)

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    RedRage 12/17/2009 15:07

    Much better than another Tiget post!

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    Woodsman 12/17/2009 15:08


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    DarkCherry 12/17/2009 15:08


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    whatizdat 12/17/2009 15:09

    I’d spray a few ribbons into her mouth to help with the gap!

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    Observer 12/17/2009 15:11


    ….I like a nobody in a bikini rather than a somebody with a nine-iron stuck in his head…..

    but…..FYI….there ARE topless beaches in Australia…..

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    DarkCherry 12/17/2009 15:15

    dudes… Iron Man 2 looks awesome…

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    RedRage 12/17/2009 15:15

    The south WILL rise again!

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    Woodsman 12/17/2009 15:17

    Careful RR, those crackers will hear you from 2500 miles away

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    thor 12/17/2009 15:19

    We owe those convicts a lot.

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    Zombie 12/17/2009 15:20

    DarkCherry, random much? Put down the pipe you oafish cunt.

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    DarkCherry 12/17/2009 15:21

    Z – i’m at work so no, not smoking. the link is off to the right under “celebuzz top stories”.

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    Zombie 12/17/2009 15:27

    Yes I see that. It’s at Celebuzz, where you apparently watched the trailer, and where you apparently should have left that comment about it. You don’t see people talking about sports stories from WithLeather in here, do you?

    ::pours myself a double shot of Hypocritnotic::

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    RedRage 12/17/2009 15:28


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    Tom Foolery 12/17/2009 15:37

    DC: You have two weeks to get your practice in FYI, I will be PS3′less while i’m at home in well missed 72 degree weather. Z you still getting Warfare 2 for christmas son?

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    RedRage 12/17/2009 15:43

    Z, I think these two are from the same site as the half naked 15 year old. I hope this picture doesn’t get my name on a list.

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    Zombie 12/17/2009 15:58

    Tom Foolery, as far as I know my brother is going to get it for me… that’s why I’m holding out. If he doesn’t I’ll just go by the shit myself next Saturday.


    RedRage, have a seat-

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    Woodsman 12/17/2009 15:59

    RR:you’re getting cocky now that “To Catch a Predator” has been cancelled

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    The Original Lo Rider 12/17/2009 16:02

    I don’t know who she is, but I like her

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    Tom Foolery 12/17/2009 16:04

    And this is why i’m not having a daughter…….EVER

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    RedRage 12/17/2009 16:04

    JESUS CHRIST Z! Is that fucking legal? If you get me busted I’ll be pissed. I have a feeling I’ll be visiting my neighbors introducing myself and my new status.

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