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By brendon December 03, 2009 @ 1:08 PM

grammy noms 3 031209

Once a month or so Katy Perry will remember that she’s a hot skinny girl with huge tits, and the Grammy Nominations Concert in LA last night was definitely one of those times. The blond Pam Anderson thing is kind of boring, but Asian girls, Jayme Langford, Katy. These bitches are awesome. It would be like fucking Wonder Woman. She made a bunch of stupid faces on stage of course, but with some practice I could probably throw some roofies in her mouth when she does that, or even better work out some blow gun type thing and shoot it right down her throat. Then an hour or so later I’ll be able to describe Phase 2 of my plan that very same way.

(source = wenn and getty)

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    pepper 12/03/2009 13:09

    TITSSSSSSS = wet pants…

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    Zombie 12/03/2009 13:09

    Death to Russell Brand.

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    chubby chaser 12/03/2009 13:13

    Russell Brand is the man!

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    DB's Treasure 12/03/2009 13:15

    I’d toss a good portion of you people to fuck this bitch’s pussy till it steamed.

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    DB's Treasure 12/03/2009 13:16

    *I’d toss a good portion of you people on a hot bed of coals….

    damn it

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    Watt 12/03/2009 13:17

    How the fuck does that limey limp wristed turd burgler get to tap that?

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    Observer 12/03/2009 13:17



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    Watt 12/03/2009 13:19

    JESUS CHRIST WE HAVE CRITICAL MASS! Obs posted more “dots” than actual letters.

    I’m going to go to the hospital before I have a stroke.

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    RedRage 12/03/2009 13:19

    Didn’t she kiss a girl once?

    Watt, Rem fucks this chick?

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    Rusty Sanchez 12/03/2009 13:19

    Clearly she is proud of her tits, how long before we get to see every glorious square inch of them?

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    Rokan 12/03/2009 13:19

    Watt has period envy.

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    Observer 12/03/2009 13:20


    ….nice arithmetic…

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    Observer 12/03/2009 13:21

    Hospital, Watt-y……?

    ….I thought you used the handicapped stall for stroking…..?

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    RemSteale 12/03/2009 13:21

    Ah, Red you card you.

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    Rusty Sanchez 12/03/2009 13:22

    Watt, please tell me you at least hit on that Sara Jean chick when you saw her on campus.

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    DarkCherry 12/03/2009 13:22

    she looks stunning here! love the make up, the eyebrows, the dress the SHOES OMG THE SHOES!!!!!

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    DB's Treasure 12/03/2009 13:22

    RedRage, I answered your question about the Flyers coach on the previous thread, if you didn’t catch it…

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    RedRage 12/03/2009 13:23

    Just busting your nuts my English friend! Raining over there?

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    DarkCherry 12/03/2009 13:23

    and even after installing the AdBlocker Plus plug in i still get this message… does anyone else???

    The connection was reset
    The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.
    * The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
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    Rusty Sanchez 12/03/2009 13:23

    Hey DC, Obs posted a photo of Gaga’s tits yesterday? Not very impressive, would you agree?

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