jude law had a good weekend

Jo Miller, Sienna Miller, Jude Law

The last few days have probably been some of the best Jude Law can remember. He hasn't had a movie make more than a million dollars, total, in the US since 2006, the same year Sienna Miller ended their engagement and dumped him after he fukced his nanny.

But look at him now. He's on top of the world again. His hair plugs have settled in nicely, his new movie ‘Sherlock Holmes' made 66 million on it's opening weekend, and he and Sienna looked very much together again when they spent Christmas day in the Caribbean. Unfortunately for him that's where the fun ended, because his kids were there too, and instead of a nanny for him to bang they brought Siennas mom.  So rather than getting oral from his slutty girlfriend in some tropical paradise, he got to hear, "The History of My Knick Knacks, starring these Cow Figurines and over 100 Commemorative Spoons about the Beatles."

(source = inf daily)

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