nbc wants to fire conan o’brien for jerry seinfeld

By brendon December 18, 2009 @ 5:57 PM


Conan O’Brien has had practice at this sort of thing because NBC tried to replace him with Greg Kinnear when he first took over ‘Late Night’ after David Letterman moved to CBS, but that’s probably little consolation as they scheme to replace him again, this time with Jerry Seinfeld. Popeater says…

With Conan O’Brien ratings slipping faster than Tiger Woods’ endorsement appeal, TV executives are telling me that informal discussions have started to occur within 30 Rock as to who would be the home-run replacement for the hysterical but sagging redhead. The name on everyone’s wish list? Jerry Seinfeld.
“NBC just can’t carry on like this. ‘The Tonight Show’ has lost 52 percent of its viewership in just one year. The November ratings will be the show’s lowest in 15 years. They would be idiots to not be having the replacement conversation,” a source tells me.

Aren’t these the same people who fired Leno when he was in first place? And then put him on at 10, on a show that is in last place by a mile every single night, thus giving Conan no lead in? Shouldn’t they be the ones who get fired? The shows on NBC couldn’t be any worse unless they got the girl from ‘the Ring’ to crawl out of the screen and kill the viewers.


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  1. SomeoneluvsU 12/18/2009 18:02


  2. oy 12/18/2009 18:05

    Jerry’s place is right next to Larry David and that’s that. all these sienfeld bozos never made it out in the real world with anything remotely humorous util Curb your enthusiasm’s last season.

  3. oy 12/18/2009 18:08

    Did anyone else Notice the “buzzed driving is drunk driving” add ……. on a friday afternoon ?! funny shit!

  4. SCUM 12/18/2009 18:08

    I think Andrew Dice Clay should get the job.

  5. Thundercunt 12/18/2009 18:09

    If Jerry takes over The Tonight Show, they should redesign the set to look like his living room. Guests would have to buzz up and Jerry buzz them in. Skits with old Seinfeld cast doing “the pop-in” in character, etc.

    All of it would be funny for about a month. Then it’d be shit again.

  6. SCUM 12/18/2009 18:12

    Jerry is probably the least funny Jew of all time.

  7. TheCreamFilling 12/18/2009 18:14

    HOLY LIVING FUCK don’t fire Conan, and I didn’t even read the story yet!

    Conan is the best show host in history, every thing he says lands, and the jokes that aren’t funny he has a way of staring at the audience to make them laugh. Try and say something bad about Conan, I dare you, it can’t be done.

  8. Rusty Sanchez 12/18/2009 18:17

    Thundercunt…that’s actually a great idea. But you’re right, it would get old after a month.

  9. pepper 12/18/2009 18:19


  10. Rusty Sanchez 12/18/2009 18:20

    Houston, we have a problem…that 375 mL is gone already. How the hell am I supposed to make it 2 hours and 40 mins more?

  11. RonDogg 12/18/2009 18:21

    NBC and Seinfeld are a fucking joke.

    Conan is the last funny thing on that network. OLD PEOPLE ARE RUINING THINGS AGAIN!

    “Oh that Conan has too much energy, I can’t relate to that” – old people

  12. SuperB 12/18/2009 18:22

    drink some water…..it always makes me drunk again when I wake up, so pretend to sleep for 15 minutes, chug some water and you should be fine, Rusty

    in theory of course

  13. Rusty Sanchez 12/18/2009 18:22

    You did it Pepper. I never took the time to check out tinyurl. I will make a point of that. Thanks. Now, enjoy the pussy licking!!!!!!!!

  14. DB's Treasure 12/18/2009 18:23

    Conan and Jon Stewart should never be fired for any reason whatsoever.

  15. Watt 12/18/2009 18:28

    Conans awesome. Leno sucks.

    I think a lot of people just migrated to Letterman.

    The reason they stopped Leno was they were worried about Conan getting poached by another network.

    You know who’s not funny? Jimmy Kimmel. He’s nothing without Adam Carolla

  16. pepper 12/18/2009 18:28

    I’m not into girl on girl……..

  17. Rusty Sanchez 12/18/2009 18:29

    B, your logic is dizzying. Imma gonna go home early today and masturbate and nap…then masturbate again, then go out and try to bang some random trollop so I dont have to mastubate later in the evening.

  18. Rusty Sanchez 12/18/2009 18:30

    Pepper, turn in your man card.

    …not into girl on girl…pffffftttt!

  19. SuperB 12/18/2009 18:36

    I hate when I masturbate then fall right asleep, wake up 30 minutes later and the same porn loop is on….

  20. Watt 12/18/2009 18:36

    Peppers into guy on guy

    Or guy on printer

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