olivia munn is a good model

By brendon December 15, 2009 @ 3:25 PM


As if Maxim magazine wasn’t every nerds bible already, the January issue has fantastically awesome ‘Attack of the Show’ host Olivia Munn on the cover practically naked. The article inside explains that she’s been kidnapped and the only way to save her is to solve a series of riddles on a dangerous quest around your backyard, where instead of magic you use math, and battle will be done by spazzing out and kicking a tree with your eyes closed. At least I assume that’s what the article says. What else would dorks write about?

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    pepper 12/15/2009 15:26

    where are the goods?

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    iwontrememberthis 12/15/2009 15:27

    I don’t say this often, but she’s gotten really skinny and doesn’t look better for it.

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 12/15/2009 15:28

    olivia munn. that’s the kind of hybrid half breed I like to see around here.

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 12/15/2009 15:30

    iwontrememberthis, do you have links to that girl in your avi? please say you do.

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    DarkCherry 12/15/2009 15:32

    this chick is seriously gorgeous. is she on tv?

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    Watt 12/15/2009 15:35

    Yes she’s on Attack of the Show. On… G3 network?

    I’d assault her box furiously with my cock.

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 12/15/2009 15:35

    DC, and she looks that good with no makeup or pampering. Amazing right?

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    iwontrememberthis 12/15/2009 15:36

    DDM, her name is Reon Kadena and she has far too little nude material.

    DC, yes. Attack of the Show on G4 (but not this week)

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 12/15/2009 15:37

    g4 watt, you are getting your mac cpu’s confused.

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    DarkCherry 12/15/2009 15:39

    DDMcg – in the straight on shot in the unbuttoned jean shirt there isn’t a lot of makeup/product there and i think she looks stunning. wiki says she’s chinese and german.

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    Tom Foolery 12/15/2009 15:40

    She’s cute and might play Modern Warfare more than I do if she works for a video game TV station (G4 Watt, don’t watch it just next to FUSE on my listing). DC: I am not sure how many days I’ve been playing for but I’m a 60ish level cold blooded killer

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    DarkCherry 12/15/2009 15:46

    Tom – pfff not sure you know as well as i do it’s right on the main screen. are you a deathmatch or a free for all kind of eh hem cold blooded killer.

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    RedRage 12/15/2009 15:49

    Here is another nude of Iwontrememberthis’s avi chick when she was a bit younger.


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    DarkCherry 12/15/2009 15:55

    sigh nothing kills a fun room like pics of naked children burning to death eh?

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    RedRage 12/15/2009 15:56

    This was a fun room? Sorry, lets talk about fucking video games more.

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    Tom Foolery 12/15/2009 15:57

    DC: Team Deathmatch kind of guy, you tend to live a little longer and get a heads up on people hiding.

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    Baphomet 12/15/2009 15:58


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    Watt 12/15/2009 16:00

    Yeah G4

    Looks like matsui is going to the Angels. I fuckin called it.

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    Tom Foolery 12/15/2009 16:01

    RR: Sorry for getting a little excited over Modern Warfare, haven’t been into a shooting game like this since 007. Whatever it kills the weekdays like Durden and keeps me away from the bars during the workweek.

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    DarkCherry 12/15/2009 16:02

    yes yes asking if you ever munch down on your mother and sister to find out if their vag’s taste the same is a MUCH better topic of conversation.

    show me your teeth RR.

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