screw you colin farrell

December 1, 2009 | beach | editor | 0 Comments

Yesterday there were a bunch of pictures (like this one) of Colin Farrell on vacation in Mexico. I didn’t download any of them of course, because if I wanted to see some short-fused drunk mick with his shirt off I would go to my family reunions.

But then his girlfriend Alicja Bachieda-Curus stepped out of her clothes and into my heart when she laid out in the sun for a while. You can’t really tell what she looks like (this is her at Cannes) but you can tell that her body is fantastic. How come this dude get’s to nail all the hot ass? Is there some shortage of sexy Hollywood hunks that I don’t know about? According to my mirror, no, no there’s not.

(source = splash news online and pacific coast)

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