sofia vergara is mysterious, awesome

By brendon December 03, 2009 @ 6:00 PM


Sofia Vergara of the ABC show ‘Modern Family’ was poolside this morning in Miami, and even though you can kind of see her amazing tits in these pictures, this moment is still bittersweet.

Her body is amazing. And she used to wear dresses like this. And bikinis like this. And do patronizing modeling like this because perverts I mean fancy gentleman like myself get turned on by the Latin maid thing. But then she dated Tom Cruise a few times in 2005, two months before he met Katie Holmes, and I don’t know what that fuckin weirdo did to her but she’s been wrapped up ever since. It’s as if she never wants to be alone with a man again.

So if you see that jackass today, kick him right in the nuts. Tell him Justice sent you.

(source = splash news online)

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    SCUM 12/03/2009 18:01

    I want to watch Mother, Juggs and Speed all of a sudden.

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    SCUM 12/03/2009 18:03

    I like big tits and I cannot lie, my penis wants to be the filling for her holiday pie.

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    SCUM 12/03/2009 18:03

    Bust a nut in the hut, and hut=butt.

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    TitLover 12/03/2009 18:04

    Me Likey

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    SCUM 12/03/2009 18:06

    I would stick one hand in her pooper and one in her gooper and give myself a high five.

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    Mike Hunt 12/03/2009 18:11

    I looked at that first picture.

    Looks like she’s got Zombie’s mustaches over her eyes.

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    Sensei John Kreese 12/03/2009 18:12

    Shaved, trimmed, or other?

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    Rokan 12/03/2009 18:13

    She looks like an old lady.

    I left a 16 year old with a nip-slip for pictures of someone’s grandma in a sun-hat.


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    Watt 12/03/2009 18:13

    Julie Bowen > her

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    DB's Treasure 12/03/2009 18:14

    Mike Hunt, you gotta let somethings go, man.

    Sensei, I enjoy a nice landing strip or the area neatly shorn.

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    SuperB 12/03/2009 18:15

    Shaved, trimmed, or other?

    Manscaped so I dont get any shorties welded to the back of my throat please….and if your one of those dicks that the pubes have migrated up on your shaft, shave it off

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    SCUM 12/03/2009 18:15

    <<<< More of Sofia.

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    Sensei John Kreese 12/03/2009 18:17

    Good, good.

    Although maybe I shoulda been clearer, I was inquiring about the thread subject…

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    SCUM 12/03/2009 18:18

    DB, why did you ask about my daughter?

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    pepper 12/03/2009 18:18

    SCUM, here are some nice tits

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    SCUM 12/03/2009 18:19

    That shit is blocked at work Pepper.

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    Watt 12/03/2009 18:21

    So the pubes on the shaft aren’t just me…

    My balls have a nice winter coat B. What’s your ruling on the field? Play ball?

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    pepper 12/03/2009 18:21

    you have a job?
    I thought your GF paid for everything…….

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    Sensei John Kreese 12/03/2009 18:23

    Apparently this guy doesn’t like Jews.

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    xqz99 12/03/2009 18:25

    more of Sofia at

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