beyonce will do anything for money

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Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi has financed and run terrorist attacks that have killed countless thousands over the years, including the 1972 attack on the Munich Olympics (11 Israeli athletes kidnapped and murdered), Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbee Scotland (270 dead) and UTA flight 772 in Africa (170 dead). If you spoke out against him, he might invoke his, “right to liquidate any opponent to the revolution, in or out of the country”, and assemble a hit squad to hunt down and execute you no matter where you live, like he did when he ordered the murder of 5 Libyans in Italy.

But, whatever, all that shit is depressing. Me and Beyonce just wanna dance!

Beyoncé appears unable to say no to any gig – even when the host is the leering son of a Middle-Eastern despot – if a reputed $2m is on the table.
And so the stunning chart-topper found herself performing hits in a leotard on a tiny stage in tacky surroundings on New Year’s Eve in the Caribbean island of St Barts.
In pictures she can be seen strutting and kneeling before Muatsim Gaddafi.
Muatsim, the third son of the Libyan leader Muammar-al Gaddafi, couldn’t take his eyes off the Crazy In Love star as she gyrated and sang in front of him.

According to Forbes, she and Jay Z made $122 million last year. Without that show it would have been 120 million, so apparently she just did it to tell the world to go fuck itself. Maybe she can use that 2 million to round up and eat the last few pandas, or fill an oil tanker with ink and dump it into the ocean.

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