doutzen kroes is getting away

By brendon January 28, 2010 @ 2:25 PM


Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes was still on St Barths earlier today, although she may be gone by now. People need to keep in mind that most models are tall and in good shape, so it was silly to think a simple concrete wall was gonna keep her from escaping. That’s why my compound is surrounded by a moat filled with crocodiles. Another simple solution is to keep them on a train that never stops.

(source = splash news online)

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 01/28/2010 14:26

    is it de ja vu day here today?

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    pepper 01/28/2010 14:30

    it’s de ja vu day here all over again

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    DB's Treasure 01/28/2010 14:31

    I’d let this hottie shit in my lap.

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    pepper 01/28/2010 14:37

    DB’s dream date………..

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    SCUM 01/28/2010 14:39

    Who are the three people that died today DB?

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    SomeoneluvsU 01/28/2010 14:43

    I’m sure she has been part of some “trains that never stop” in her life.

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 01/28/2010 14:45

    Tangina died. who will save Caro-lann in the poltergeist remake?

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    whatizdat 01/28/2010 14:46

    Christ Pepper at lunch?

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    pepper 01/28/2010 14:51

    DB asked for a hottie to shit on him……
    Lunch time already ?

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    Just the Tip 01/28/2010 14:52

    Was this bitch in Penthouse?

    I’d recognize that Key Necklace anywhere!

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    Rusty Sanchez 01/28/2010 14:53

    Jesus, this place has less action than a Lifetime movie of the week. Where’d everybody go?

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    pepper 01/28/2010 14:54

    R.I.P., J.D.Salinger…
    …he wrote my favorite……..

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    whatizdat 01/28/2010 14:56

    DB new Kim K pic ::drool::

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    RedRage 01/28/2010 14:57

    Catch her in the hair pie.

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    Rusty Sanchez 01/28/2010 15:02

    Snatch hair needs a dye

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    ohmwrecker 01/28/2010 15:02

    Doutzen Kroes sounds like a Swedish death metal band.

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    Watt 01/28/2010 15:02

    Every angsty teenager loved that book

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    Just the Tip 01/28/2010 15:03

    She’s sure going through a lotta effort… why doesn’t she just pee in the water?

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    Just the Tip 01/28/2010 15:05

    I can’t even pronounce her name…

    Fortunately, society has blessed us with a handy option for all women:


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    Just the Tip 01/28/2010 15:06

    ::dodges purses. cell phones, keys, and SuperB’s shoulder pads::

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