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The big Haiti telethon is tomorrow night, to be aired live on dozens of stations with sexy Hollywood stars staffing the phones, and not only did George Clooney organize much of it, now he's set the bar with a 1 million dollar donation. E! online says...

He's not the first—and we hope won't be the last—but the consummate movie star is the latest to make a $1 million donation to the Haiti relief efforts. He joins the rarified world of Sandra Bullock, Gisele Bündchen and Brangelina in making the milestone personal donation, which, as it happens, is his second seven-figure offering in as many weeks.

OK I know I just asked this same thing, but what's the deal with this. Look, I don't even really know where Haiti is, I have no animosity towards them. I hope the telethon is a big hit, I hope people give, I hope Haiti gets back on their feet, but what's the deal here. Are they trying to fix it like it was before, or does Haiti need a whole new country? Because even before the quake the buildings and roads look like Earth on that ‘Life After People' show, except Haiti has people. What have they been doing for 300 years? How do we know what buildings to fix? How do we know which ones were broken by the earthquake and what ones were already fucked up? I'm not so sure you should get a new building just because you broke the other one. Are we just taking their word on this? How does that work? If you were an insurance agent, and someone wrecked their 95 Accord, you wouldn't give them a Maybach would you? This is exactly like that, except in this case the person didn't have any insurance, and instead of a 95 Accord they had a rusty bike with no seat.

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