grief takes many forms

Tila Tequila

Some people think these pictures of Tila Tequilla, just 5 days after the sudden death of her fiance Casey Johnson, show that the only thing she really loves is attention from the media. Everyone grieves differently, and all I really know about the Viet Cong is that they would climb a lot of trees half naked like little murderous monkeys, so these pictures are consistent with that, but if you know what to look for, the Kubler Ross 5 stages of grief were on full display today.

Denial - "What you doin?  Why you at my house?  I no be rude but you go, you no can be here."

Anger - "I say get ou'a here! Rook! What you no read? What you stupid?"

Bargaining - "Ok round-eye, you wan' show, here go show. Here rook I dance. Yeah, you rike dat, huh! You rike these big titties huh, soldier boy!"

Depression - "Dey still here PorkChop. Why? Why dey still here? I do sexy dance but dey no go."

Acceptance - (thinks to herself) "Here in my tree, no one bother me. Fine-ree arone."

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