jamie grubbs is a good model

By brendon January 20, 2010 @ 2:09 PM


Jamie Grubbs was among the first to be named on the list of girls Tiger Woods was cheating on his wife with, and she’s the one who had her text messages from Tiger published by Us magazine, and now she’s the one in a bikini for the Aussie magazine ‘Ralph’. In fact she’s on the cover.

Once she see’s this, Lindsay Lohan will no doubt say she had sex with him too. And then Paris Hilton will write a book called, “My Lover, Tyler Woods”. And then Tila Tequila will say she and Tiger were actually engaged and then she’ll take pictures of herself in tears while she lays a tennis racket on his grave.

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    pepper 01/20/2010 14:10


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    Death to Finkle! 01/20/2010 14:14

    What the hell is he talking about?

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    oy 01/20/2010 14:14

    not here no

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    whatizdat 01/20/2010 14:15

    I’d spin a few ribbons on her

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    oy 01/20/2010 14:15

    this chick is not even hot…..holy crap, it doesnt take much to be on the cover of anything nowadays does it….

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    DarkCherry 01/20/2010 14:20

    she looks like LaToya Jackson!!!

    DTF – i’m buying you this outfit for your birthday.


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    Observer 01/20/2010 14:20

    I’ve had sex with a woody Tiger……

    ….my Tigger toy from the Hundred Acre Wood….that is…..

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    SuperB 01/20/2010 14:22

    Okay, someone help me out….I remember this convo happening here in WWTDD land, but cant remeber who was having it…but want someone to shed some light on it for me

    we were talking about guys and their max and minimum age they can go up or down without feeling bad, and someone threw up a formula.

    anyone remember this but me

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    Observer 01/20/2010 14:22

    Seems slow in the news today……

    …(say this in the voice of the retarded bag boy at the supermarket)

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    DarkCherry 01/20/2010 14:25

    Sup – i don’t think it had to do with just the gays… i don’t remember the formula but i do remember what you’re talking about.

    robbing the cradle again? what happened to the LB?

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    Death to Finkle! 01/20/2010 14:25

    Cali, the face mask makes him look like Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat. Or Scorpion.

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    RedRage 01/20/2010 14:26


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    oy 01/20/2010 14:28

    super B – if x=guy’s age then y=x+5
    where y is the age of female(>18 of course)

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    DB's Treasure 01/20/2010 14:28

    “And then Tila Tequila will say she and Tiger were actually engaged and then she’ll take pictures of herself in tears while she lays a tennis racket on his grave. ”

    Okay, I gotta give props when they’re owed. That was pretty friggen funny.

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    oy 01/20/2010 14:28

    …..+10 if he’s under 25….

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    RedRage 01/20/2010 14:30

    I hate it when people I know countdown the days until their vacation on FB like “4 days till paradise, 3 days till paradise”. The next update said “first day on vacation equals 3 jellyfish stings and sunburn” I’ve got the biggest shit eating grin on my face now!

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    SuperB 01/20/2010 14:33

    guys Cali not gheys….like I think it was Rem and someone else it was like half their age plus some number was the ammt of years they were able to go after a girl younger than them and not look like a total fucking creeper

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    DB's Treasure 01/20/2010 14:33

    RedRage, what boggles me even more than people with countdowns on their FB page is people who feel the need to update their FB page while ON VACATION!!!! No lives, I tell’s ya.

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    whatizdat 01/20/2010 14:35

    Why do I feel a LiLo post coming on . . .

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    DarkCherry 01/20/2010 14:35

    AH i read guys as gays. more amusing.

    wait… we’re only allowed a +5?

    no i’m sorry oy i think there was a better formula around here somewhere….

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