john travolta has solved the haiti crisis


The bad news is that the airport in Haiti can only handle 130 flights a day, so it's been hard to get all the supplies and experts needed to help those effected by the earthquake. The good news is that one of the planes landing today was from Hollywood, and it was filled with the healing power of Scientology.

John Travolta has flown aid supplies to Haiti in his own Boeing 707 to bolster disaster relief efforts of his Scientology group. Dressed in yellow T-shirts, they use a process called 'assist' in which the power of touch is said to reconnect nervous systems shaken by trauma. The group, which critics say is a cult doing little more than glorified massage, has received a mixed reaction to the light 'touching', through clothing and bandages, of fractures and infection.

You might think that an army of people who can heal the sick just by touching them would be a bigger story, maybe the biggest story of the past thousand years, but it's not. The miraculous claims are true, obviously, but not very interesting. That's why no one talks about it. I'm surprised they even mentioned it here.

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