lindsay has a sex tape, part 4


Back in April, this was on Tyler after talking to two separate parties about a Lindsay Lohan sex tape.

Very obviously, Lindsay Lohan isn't gonna get gangbanged in a rented out bowling alley (that's not a euphemism for her vagina by the way), but she can choose some guy she likes, fly to a resort and get on her knees while he films it. 

And today the Mirror UK says...

Lindsay Lohan's latest movie project is said to be "dynamite" - but she's praying no one ever gets to see it... The Mean Girls star, 23, is bracing herself for the internet release of a sexplicit video file which shows her engaging in, ahem, "adult activity". A 47-second tape of Lilo frolicking in the buff with a mystery male is currently being touted around LA.

I have no idea if this is part of the sex tape thing from April or not, but Lindsay doesn't have any money. She hasn't been paid to star in a movie since 2006. All she does is get drunk and high and have sex with things. And since April she's taken trips to St. Barths, Paris, Singapore, London (twice), Hawaii, and been back and forth to Vegas and New York to many times to keep track. And she was driving a Maserati a porn producer loaned her. Somethin is up. So if she did a sex tape she needs to just release the damn thing. I'm tired of waiting. That's why last night I went and slashed her tires. I'm done playing games.

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