lindsay is cutting herself again and lying about it

By brendon January 21, 2010 @ 3:06 PM

Lindsay & Ali Lohan Out In St Barts (USA ONLY)

When Lindsay Lohan was in St. Barths two weeks ago, people who become alarmed about this sort of thing became alarmed when pictures showed what seemed to be fresh scarring on the inside of her arm. Considering Lindsay has cut in the past, and her mom has admitted as much, people began to wonder if she was doing it again. But Lindsay says that’s crazy talk.

“I’ve had that scar on my arm for a very long time now – it’s funny it’s just being noticed. I had surgery a while ago for an injury I had when I was younger, nothing having to do with depression or anything of the sort. Now back off, people! There are more important world issues to focus on!”

She must be referring to some past life because she didn’t have that scar in July, or August, or September. Does she even know what surgery is, or the parts of the body and what they do, because there’s nothing even there. What did she have operated on, her freckles? If what she says is true, she needs a new doctor, because that scar looks like he did the surgery with nothing but two forks and some matches.


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  1. Gildorg 01/21/2010 15:08

    Awesome Boobage!

  2. Death to Finkle! 01/21/2010 15:16

    …medicated, drama queen, picture perfect, numb belligerence…

  3. Squabbler 01/21/2010 15:18

    But she didn’t say WHO performed the surgery. Clever semantics there, Dr. Lohan. Touche.

  4. Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 01/21/2010 15:24

    Heidi followed by lohan. is it 2008 again?

  5. Mac-Daddy 01/21/2010 15:25

    Too bad she didn’t cut closer to the wrist and much deeper.

  6. Tito's Anal Adventures 01/21/2010 15:25

    That’s not cutting, that’ s fucking torture.

  7. pepper 01/21/2010 15:30

    can someone show her how it’s done?

  8. Zombie 01/21/2010 15:30


  9. whatizdat 01/21/2010 15:31

    Down the river not across the creek stupid!!!

  10. RedRage 01/21/2010 15:32


    That’s good shit right there!

  11. Observer 01/21/2010 15:36

    She should consider cutting her t-shirts off…….

  12. Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 01/21/2010 15:39

    so she’s single again? I can’t believe she didn’t make a public spectacle of it like everything else in her life. I would have figured she would go the Tila route and twitter updates while posing for paps.

  13. Tito's Anal Adventures 01/21/2010 15:40

    I still like her freckles. Girls with freckles will take it up the ass. It’s science.

  14. DarkCherry 01/21/2010 15:41

    DDMcg – she and Sam haven’t been together for months.

  15. meatbydapound 01/21/2010 15:41

    I would kill for the chance to violate that ginger. She seems like the type to cry after sex. Mmmm…*shivers*

  16. SomeoneluvsU 01/21/2010 15:44

    If those boobs sag anymore, she’s going to be hitting them with her knees.

    Just a thought Lids, cuts to the neck region are much easier to conceal.
    Why not give it a shot?

  17. Death to Finkle! 01/21/2010 15:46

    She should borrow Doc’s copy of Suicide for Dummies.

  18. Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 01/21/2010 15:48

    it’s going to be very interesting once she finally runs out of money. The things she will do out of desperation and her desire to make herself believe she’s still a sought after hollywood celeb, and not just a tabloid joke, will be epic.

  19. Rokan 01/21/2010 15:55

    Side boob.

    On another note, Madonna looks great!!!

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