screw you hippie

By brendon January 25, 2010 @ 5:59 PM


The new and improved Heidi Montag told the Sun UK last week that even though she loves her new DDD breasts after getting bigger implants, she won’t rest on her previous accomplishments. She has new goals, and those include moving up to H, because her name is ‘Heidi’. Get it? Awesome right? Well not according to the pedophile (probably) who did her DDD implants. He wants to tell women how to live and suppress their sexuality.

About Heidi’s new breasts, her doctor told Radar Online: “They are a little bit larger than I wanted I counseled her many times and told her ‘Heidi these are a little bit big and the bigger you go the more the complication risk increases’, he  revealed.
And in terms of making them any bigger, the doctor said: “I told Heidi, ‘If you want to do it I don’t know who you will find but it’s not going to be me.’ I strongly recommend she just doesn’t do it.”

Oh I’m sorry, I thought this was America. I thought this was the country that blazed new frontiers and made the impossible look easy. If this so-called “doctor” can’t handle a strong and confident woman, he needs to go back to Saudi Arabia with the rest of the closed-minded pussies.

(UPDATE – now with new pics of her doing yoga from pacific coast news. you know, from the right angle, you can almost see down her shirt. someone should tell her. i don’t think she realizes what she’s doing)

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    oy 01/25/2010 18:04

    hot white tits!

  2. avatar
    DarkCherry 01/25/2010 18:04

    i’m sure if she paid double he’d do it.

  3. avatar
    Tito's Anal Adventures 01/25/2010 18:04

    deja vu??!!

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    Zombie 01/25/2010 18:04

    Smear a little bit of chocolate on this bitch’s chest then you can do anal and stare at her face at the same time.

  5. avatar
    oy 01/25/2010 18:05

    oh and H tits look horrible

  6. avatar
    oy 01/25/2010 18:06

    Z- oh i get now! wow, yeah, that’d be cool man!

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    Mac-Daddy 01/25/2010 18:07

    Not that I ever liked this no-talent Camera-whore, but I htink she looked better before.

    Also, those DDD’s will kill someone eventually. with any luck, it will be her and that guy she is with!

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    Tito's Anal Adventures 01/25/2010 18:08

    Maybe it is possible to get lobotomized just by reading reader’s comments.

  9. avatar
    Just the Tip 01/25/2010 18:08

    Hey, I understand this girl…

    I had my cock decreased to match my name.

  10. avatar
    oy 01/25/2010 18:09

    how many years before she turns up in playboy for realz instead of the halfass prancing around in bikini bullshit from last year?!

  11. avatar
    Just the Tip 01/25/2010 18:09

    Is it even possible to squeeze your cock between them now?

  12. avatar
    Tito's Anal Adventures 01/25/2010 18:09

    Maybe she calls her tits “the Heidis”…

  13. avatar
    Just the Tip 01/25/2010 18:10

    Well… judging from Tara Reid’s long overdo in that publication…

    10 more years?

  14. avatar
    DarkCherry 01/25/2010 18:10

    Heidi in a few years.

  15. avatar
    Watt 01/25/2010 18:13

    You’re just jealous of her impending feel day cali

  16. avatar
    Tito's Anal Adventures 01/25/2010 18:13

    On a personal note: Big tits are overrated.
    I like them firm and foremost attached to a woman who lets me lick them.

  17. avatar
    Zombie 01/25/2010 18:13

    Her tits are going to need their own listing in The Hills opening credits.

  18. avatar
    DarkCherry 01/25/2010 18:14

    true watt, i can’t wait to cop a field.

  19. avatar
    Tito's Anal Adventures 01/25/2010 18:15

    Is she still in that show? I though she was ‘over the hill’ a long time ago.

    Bwahaha, I kill me!

  20. avatar
    Tito's Anal Adventures 01/25/2010 18:17

    Anybody wants to see a pic of my dick?
    It’s not very… well, it’s cold outside. So, don’t judge…

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