this cost NBC $25,000 per second

By brendon January 25, 2010 @ 5:07 PM

While most of the bits about Conan spending millions on new characters in his final days as ‘Tonight Show’ host were just a joke, one thing that was very real was the tab he was running up by playing famous songs as the intro music for guests. Those songs really do have incredibly high royalty fees and NBC really does have to pay them. First it was the Rolling Stones “Satisfaction” for Adam Sandler, then on Friday…

When Tom Hanks entered from behind a curtain to go to his seat, the band played The Beatles “Lovely Rita,” which costs NBC half a million dollars.
Questlove, who is the drummer for The Roots on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” almost instantly tweeted, “yo i hate spoiling but i will have you know that walk on song we just heard was half a milli. i know cause i got the list rate at nbc and tom’s walkon music on conan is on my “restricted” list—wow a $500,000 walkon song lol.”

This is why when I do talk shows I come out to ‘Ava Maria’. It’s in the public domain so no one has to pay any royalties. Also I think it would be nice if more people thought I was a messenger from God.

(watch toms full appearance here)

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    pepper 01/25/2010 17:10

    Not fielding to good, must be because I am so tierd……….

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    Just the Tip 01/25/2010 17:13

    Fuck all this Late Night shit…

    The Who is doing the Super Bowl Halftime?!


    GODDAMN that fucking black titty!

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    BigBadDouche 01/25/2010 17:13

    If I have to read one more comment about fucking Conan O’Brien I’m gonna shove a glass jar up my twat and make you all watch.

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    Just the Tip 01/25/2010 17:15

    Conan O’Brian!

    ::hands you the jar::

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    BigBadDouche 01/25/2010 17:21

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    Watt 01/25/2010 17:22

    How much did freebird cost?

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    ohmwrecker 01/25/2010 17:26

    Freebird costs 1st month’s rent on a double wide and a case of Wild Turkey.

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    Watt 01/25/2010 17:27

    That’s one hell of a deal!

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    DB's Treasure 01/25/2010 17:28

    I liked the previous tits & ass thread better.

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    DB's Treasure 01/25/2010 17:28

    I love me some Skynyrd.

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    SuperB 01/25/2010 17:33

    I fucking love JA

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    SomeoneluvsU 01/25/2010 17:36

    I think Zucker should get Ben Bernanke’s job…

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 01/25/2010 17:36

    “you know what he did? He kicked him in the penis!”

  14. avatar
    DB's Treasure 01/25/2010 17:38

    “he wath injured. Injured bad.”

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    SuperB 01/25/2010 17:38

    although, in my dreams, he has much bigger legs

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    Zombie 01/25/2010 17:42

    Ah yes, some video clips never get old over the years…



    that isn’t one of them.

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    ohmwrecker 01/25/2010 17:46

    Speaking of video clips, where’s Rokan.

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    Tito's Anal Adventures 01/25/2010 17:52

    Great song – worth every penny …

    …I jest of course.

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    Tito's Anal Adventures 01/25/2010 17:57

    “Nikki Sixx has ended his romance with tattoo artist Kat Von D”

    How fucked up do you have to be to get dumped by Nikki Sixx? I thought he was the end of the fucking food chain.

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    oy 01/25/2010 17:58

    see the thing is, this douchebag keeps on burning through NBC’s money like there isn’t tomorrow on stupid shit that is quite childish…..who the fuck is going to hire the imbecile that God forbid ever gets fired, ends up burning through $10 mil in their last 2 weeks?

    very unprofessional attitude from conan – the real problem will come in about 5-10 months when some of the these half brains that watch his show start getting laid off/fired/etc.

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