blake lively is posing for playboy! maybe!


Blake Lively has the firmest looking breasts on earth and a long history of wearing skirts so short one time I saw her appendix, so it's no great leap to think she might pose for Playboy, especially if they're gonna pay more than they ever have to get a girl naked. The National Enquirer says...

We hear the 22-year-old beauty is demanding a whopping $2.5 million to strip down. "Blake's mom has been in the business a long time and knows Kim Basinger and other actresses really benefitted from posing for Playboy early in their careers," The Enquirer's source explained.

I'm not gonna lie to you; I very much want to see Blake Lively naked. So the Enquirer better be right this time. Otherwise, they just made a powerful new enemy. If this is fake, they might as well just come to my house and then punch me when I open the door.

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