brittany murphys autopsy is complete

By brendon February 25, 2010 @ 6:35 PM


When Brittany Murphy died, her husband Simon Monjack was adamant that it was a shocking tragedy, and was baffled when asked for any explanation.

“This is what’s killing all of us? How did it happen?”
Asked point-blank if a drug overdose was a possible cause of death, Monjack replied, “I can get rid of that one right now,” he says. “She has never, and I repeat NEVER, done drugs. There are no drugs involved.”


The Los Angeles Coroner’s Office released the full autopsy report for Brittany Murphy on Thursday, which revealed new details surrounding her death and drug use (and) a breakdown of what drugs were found in her system.

And those are: Propranolol (a sedative), Hydrocodone (a morphine-like pain killer), Phenazopyridine (pain killer generally taken after surgery), Fluoxetine (aka Prozac), Dextromethorphan (in some doses it’s cough syrup, in others it’s a hallucinogenic), Chlorpheniramine (allergy medicine), and methamphetamines (methamphetamines).

I have to say, for a girl who let this tub of shit flop around on top of her, I’m surprised she only took 6 sedatives and/or pain killers. I would have done all that, chased it with scotch and then had someone drop a safe on my head.


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  1. BigBadDouche 02/25/2010 18:37

    Isn’t that Nicole Ritchie?

  2. 02/25/2010 18:38

    Nice cocktail, make Belushi proud…

  3. SCUM 02/25/2010 18:39

    I thought Zombie was the guitar tech for MiniKiss.

  4. Observer 02/25/2010 18:41

    At least the drugs didn’t give her Autism……

    ….but….maybe Ass-Burgers….

  5. BigBadDouche 02/25/2010 18:43

    Necro-Ass-Burgers – I dun thin so Lucy.

  6. toufas 02/25/2010 18:45

    propanolol is not a sedative, its a beta blocker. used for panic attacks among others.

  7. ohmwrecker 02/25/2010 18:47

    Fuck me Mr. Dautrieve!

    ::pops handfull of pills::

    Harder! Harder!


  8. Observer 02/25/2010 18:48


    ….would seeing her husbands tiny-weenie and bloated ass cause a panic?

  9. ohmwrecker 02/25/2010 18:56

    This weed is making me horny. I am seriously debating going outside and fucking a hole in a tree. Also, hoping my neighbor sees me so she can hold the tree down and cover it’s mouth if it screams. It’s nice to have a tree rape buddy.

  10. SuperB 02/25/2010 18:58

    Surprise….so her fat mooch hubbie lost credibility?

    ya dont say

  11. Rusty Sanchez 02/25/2010 19:00

    She sure looks do-able in this banner photo, though.

  12. Observer 02/25/2010 19:01


    ….trees don’t scream……they bark…..

  13. oy 02/25/2010 19:03


  14. ohmwrecker 02/25/2010 19:03

    Obs, Home Run! I set you up, you bastard!

  15. Rusty Sanchez 02/25/2010 19:03

    Not bad Obs. But what if they’re from Seattle?

  16. pepper 02/25/2010 19:04

    do they bark ..because they are branching out?

  17. SCUM 02/25/2010 19:05

    Ohm, are you going to take root?

  18. ohmwrecker 02/25/2010 19:08

    Seriously, kids. If you do fuck a tree, don’t “leave” any evidence behind.

  19. Observer 02/25/2010 19:08


    …..what if they ARE from Seattle?

  20. pepper 02/25/2010 19:09

    SCUM, is that a picture of Menudo?

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