elin will not be at the press conference


Pictures taken this morning show that Elin Nordegren has forgiven the free cars and clothes she gets because of Tiger Woods, but she hasn't forgiven him yet, so she will not attend the press conference he's holding tomorrow (11am, est) to address … whatever the fuck you would call the past 10 weeks.

A source tells Radar that Elin will not be there, as Tiger makes his first public statement about the scandal that has forever tarnished his image as golf's golden boy. Elin was snapped Thursday morning as she dropped her daughter Sam off at school near the family's home in Windermere, a suburb of Orlando, Florida. When a reporter asked if she would attend the event – she said nothing. Woods will make a statement -- expected to be 5 to 7 minutes in length -- and will not take any questions during the tightly-controlled media event.

Elin needs to make up her damn mind. Either stop being all pissy and don't spend any more of Tigers money or forgive him and spend all you want. Like you're some prize, honey. Do you even speak English? I've really had it with this one.

(image source = splash news online)

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