george clooney bought an island for his girlfriend…

By brendon February 24, 2010 @ 5:27 PM

George Clooney's Castle Island In Lake Como In Italy (USA AND OZ

George Clooney of course owns a home (the Villa Oleandra) on Lake Como in Italy, which you may remember as the place where the French guy lived in ‘Oceans 12′. In the middle of the lake is Loreto Island, and now Clooney owns that too, or at least his girlfriend does because he bought it for her.

It looks sort of like the island from Myst, and Clooney must have a way with words because the models I’ve tried it with freak out when you leave them on an inaccessible rock surrounded by steep walls and danger. I usually lock them in an iron mask before I leave. Is he skipping that part? I must discover his secret.

(image source = flynet online)

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    Death to Finkle! 02/24/2010 17:31

    The tower! Rapunzel!

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    dj techsys 02/24/2010 17:36

    does this thing have running water and electricity? it looks like it just has bugs and raccoons. really romantic

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    Watt 02/24/2010 17:36

    damn. You let George cloony fuck you and you get an island?

    Hmm…. It might be worth it..

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    DB's Treasure 02/24/2010 17:37

    Can you imagine the epic paintball games that could be played there!?!?

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    DarkCherry 02/24/2010 17:37

    yeah and how long til he dumps her for someone else like he did with the Hard Rock chick?

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    pepper 02/24/2010 17:38

    Bend over Watt, I’ll fuck you and give you a picture of the castle……

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    SomeoneluvsU 02/24/2010 17:38

    I felt like George Clooney had fucked me after I walked out of Batman and Robin… Do I get a castle?

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    Zombie 02/24/2010 17:40

    I like the way you think DB. Just need some alligators swimming around the banks and it’d be one helluva time!

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    BigBadDouche 02/24/2010 17:40

    The posts here might be shit, sometime, but if you follow the link, you find that Theresa (Heinz) and John Kerry sold it to Clooney.

    If the bitch dies, I will fuck John Kerry for an island.

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    DB's Treasure 02/24/2010 17:41

    Who was a worse Batman; Clooney or Kilmer?

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    DarkCherry 02/24/2010 17:42

    Clooney! Batman Forever was good!

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    Death to Finkle! 02/24/2010 17:42

    I heard John Kerry voted FOR selling the island…

    …before he voted AGAINST it.

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    Zombie 02/24/2010 17:42

    Speaking of Myst, did anybody ever used to play that game on the PC? It was one the first times I ever had to use my brain… other than deciding upon whether I should pay for the abortion or not.

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    DarkCherry 02/24/2010 17:42

    plus the soundtrack for that was awesome….

    in your dreams.. show no mercy!

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    Observer 02/24/2010 17:43

    Ask them if they’ve seen THE GRAIL……

  16. avatar
    DarkCherry 02/24/2010 17:43

    OBS! You didn’t answer my question… are you near the Chu?

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    ohmwrecker 02/24/2010 17:44

    Didn’t this dude already buy Haiti? How many fucking islands does he need?

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    Death to Finkle! 02/24/2010 17:44

    Somebody needs to give Bale as Batman a lozenge.

    He should stick to railing chicks while pointing at the camera.

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    Beppo 02/24/2010 17:44

    Be still.
    I hear the padded feet of the nurse coming. If she discovers my excrement she will be quite stern with me.

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    Watt 02/24/2010 17:45

    No dice pepper. I’m a high priced whore. I fuck for no less than an audi.

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