hilary duff is blown away by her engagement ring

By brendon February 23, 2010 @ 5:33 PM


About 10 days ago, Hilary Duff became engaged to hockey player Mike Comrie while on vacation in Hawaii, and now comes word that he spent over 1 million dollars on her ring. At least that’s what he told her just before his blowjob. These pictures would be a really good ad for a jewelry store.

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    Woodsman 02/23/2010 17:38

    nice work

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    obscured.cherub 02/23/2010 17:39

    Hillary Duff is now awesome.

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    Death to Finkle! 02/23/2010 17:40

    If y’all don’t like me, blow me.

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    Steffabulous 02/23/2010 17:40

    Does she still have that horse mouth, hopefully she does, for him. Does she do anything anymore?

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    Zombie 02/23/2010 17:41

    That banner pic should be the new billboard ad for Jared Jewelers.

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    Habitual Line Stepper 02/23/2010 17:41

    He shoots .. He Scores!

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    Conal 02/23/2010 17:42

    He’s doing the Hulk Hogan hand-to-the-ear, to hear the roar of the crowds.

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    Steffabulous 02/23/2010 17:43

    Who keeps their clothes on?

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    SuperB 02/23/2010 17:46

    He went to Jared!!

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    Zombie 02/23/2010 17:46

    Damn I just noticed the last line “These pictures would be a really good ad for a jewelry store”. I recant my previous comment.

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    SuperB 02/23/2010 17:46

    “Who keeps their clothes on?”

    People on their lunch breaks….

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    DarkCherry 02/23/2010 17:47

    yeah 14 friggin karats!!! only good thing about marriage. the bling.

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    Woodsman 02/23/2010 17:47

    Steff: I hear you, but then again, there is a “seize the moment” argument

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    Death to Finkle! 02/23/2010 17:48

    He could be doing the sprinkler dance.

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    SuperB 02/23/2010 17:48

    Amen Cali….

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    Steffabulous 02/23/2010 17:49

    They’re inside. That logic only works outside. Maybe, I’m just used to the cold here and taking advantage of the lack of security in places.

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    Watt 02/23/2010 17:49

    funniest thing on this site in a long time.

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    Rokan 02/23/2010 17:49

    Maybe he doesn’t want her to see him naked til the wedding.

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    Woodsman 02/23/2010 17:50

    DC, Sup, you two have jaded attitudes. Hit the showers! Yes, together … but hey, let’s be careful in there.

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