jay-z doesnt party with white people

February 20, 2010 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

In London this week for the British Music Awards, Jay Z won the Brit for Best International Male, then hosted a lavish after party attended by every big name you can think of. As long as you can’t think of any white ones. One guest told the Daily Star…

“Jay-Z is a megastar and yet it was clear white people were not welcome in his VIP area.
While the red rope was lifted for black guests to breeze through, let’s just say it stayed down if your face didn’t fit.
And that included me, despite clearly being a guest of the double-BRIT winners JLS.
I have never felt so intimidated. It left me feeling like a mauled dog.”

This part, however, is extremely important…

Jay-Z was completely unaware of the situation after having a custom-built table laid on for him in a private corner.
But a friend told the Daily Star: “He would not have been happy by the actions of those on the night.”

We shouldn’t rush to judgment until we know the motivations of the bouncers. Maybe they were trying to help. Maybe they were going to show a movie during the party, and everyone there would be talking over it and yelling stuff at the screen. My people don’t like that one bit. “Tsk, tsk,” we say.

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