the good news is they found that guy…

By brendon February 25, 2010 @ 8:08 PM


Vancouver police have scheduled a press conference to begin at 5pm PST, and are expected to announce that the body of Andrew Koening was found this afternoon inside Stanley Park. No other details are available. Police have asked that all media present not refer to him as “Boner”, because they would probably start to giggle.

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    Woodsman 02/25/2010 20:10

    For the record, he was NOT luging at the time of death …. more details to follow

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    Woodsman 02/25/2010 20:13

    boner is a stiff?

    too soon?

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    pepper 02/25/2010 20:14

    was his body found by a tree?

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    Woodsman 02/25/2010 20:17

    if yes, they’ll be looking for the root cause

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    pepper 02/25/2010 20:18

    A f a g gathers no moss?

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    ohmwrecker 02/25/2010 20:21

    Maybe Brend0n can move all our tree fucking comments to this thread.

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    pepper 02/25/2010 20:23


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    hawkboy 02/25/2010 20:26

    Stanley .. like the power drill
    Boner ..
    Ok too easy

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    Hannibal Lecter 02/25/2010 20:26

    his last words were “beam me up” i bet

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    ptkleinus 02/25/2010 20:38

    Sad to say, but this will probably help the Prince of Persia ticket sales. What, that’s not him? My bad.

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    Dr_Buttes 02/25/2010 21:03

    Rigor mortis has set in for Boner.

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    Azman 02/25/2010 21:04

    “As long as we’ve got each other…(Da da na da) We’ve got the world spinning right in our hands”

    R.I.P Boner.

    Sharing the laughter and love

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    Rokan 02/25/2010 22:43

    What the fuck was going on here today?

    Rusty is in the lobby to pick me up. How long should I keep him waiting before it looks like I’m playing hard to get?

    Don’t wait up.

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    mikecw 02/25/2010 23:11

    Based on it’s location in the city, that’s not the first boner police have found in Stanley Park.

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    The Irreverent Tony Stark 02/25/2010 23:37

    ::walks through the door::


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    Woodsman 02/26/2010 01:57

    mikecw: true that; it’s widely reported that lots of boners are found in Stanley Park, mostly inside other dudes

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    garlicbuddersaw 02/26/2010 08:00

    in steve carlise voice…stanley park …arts… fun..dead boners.

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    pepper 02/26/2010 09:28

    George Michael was heard saying…”Amature!!!”

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    BALLSY 02/26/2010 09:36

    he is the gayest looking dead guy I have ever seen!

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    Watt 02/26/2010 09:39

    oh my god! canada killed boner!

    you bastards!

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