theres no f**king way


Conan O'Briens final 'Tonight Show' was two weeks ago tomorrow, and last week NBC managed to go all 5 days without embarrassing themselves in some new fascinating way. It was the beginning of a new era, one where they would stop looking like incompetent retards, an era that would last until today, around 1:30pm.

That's when Questlove (the drummer for The Roots and the Jimmy Fallon show) shared NBCs idea of a black feast with the world on his Twitter page.

I think it's a cute idea actually. It's a fun theme. Maybe for Breast Cancer Awareness Month they can have Flat Iron Steak and stop serving milk. And for AIDS Awareness they could have hot dogs with 5 or 6 wieners crammed into the buns. And for Holocaust Remembrance they could serve nothing and charge you $8,000 for it.

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