this is getting sad(der)


Last week, Pam Anderson did an in-store promotional appearance at the Virgin Records on Sunset the Apple Store on 5th Avenue the Rite Aid drug store in Nerbeth, Pennsylvania. "How degrading," said a girl who stars in porn movies where guys pee on her.

The good news is that Pam was in Miami last night for a well promoted fashion show inside a trendy South Beach nightclub, just the thing she needed to heal her wounded pride. That bad news is that the 20 fans who showed up didn't heal a god damn thing. The Daily Mail says...

With a new fashion line to plug, Pamela Anderson was hoping to get as much publicity as possible. But despite showcasing the designs herself in the tiniest of little black dresses in a chic Miami nightclub, her fashion show failed to bring in the crowds last night. The former Baywatch star, 41, was left red-faced when only 20 people were there to greet her as she turned up to the Play venue to watch her A*Muse fashion show.

By all accounts Pam is one of the nicest people in the world, but that's embarrassing and it's her own fault for still whoring around with a bunch of weirdos at age 41. "20 people embarrassed to be in this dark and empty cavernous space" would also be a good way to describe the guys who have had sex with Pam so far this year.

(source = splash news online)

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