this is gonna be a good movie

By brendon February 01, 2010 @ 1:23 PM


Celebuzz has a contest up today where you can win a date with Whitney Port as part of the promotion for the movie ‘She’s Out Of My League’ (red band trailer for that here). I’m not here to help, but if I were them I would have had a contest based around the stars of the movie, namely Alice Eve and her huge breasts.

I don’t think they realize how internet famous she became after she had one two three nude scenes in ‘Crossing Over’ (the movie, not the talk show with ghosts). This chick is terrific, they need to make the advertising campaign about her. It would be like if Ford had a new car, and they told you it was a hybrid with bluetooth and wifi, but when you read a little more it turns out the glove compartment bakes cookies, and there’s a hose under the steering wheel that gives blow jobs.

NSFW WARNING - all 3 of these clips are very very very NSFW

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    angelove35 02/01/2010 13:29

    I strongly recommend ______ ______ to you where I just found my wealthy boyfriend! You know it is a great place to meet wealthy men and beautiful Women. What’s kind of relationship do you want?

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    DB's Treasure 02/01/2010 13:31

    angelove, I strongly recomend you huck your spammer ass off a bridge and land face first on a pile of rocks.

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    DarkCherry 02/01/2010 13:38

    Z – re the previous: trust me there are sooo many worse Gaga Superfans out there than me (i don’t even know the choreography!!). and I’m not saying AT ALL that Pink isn’t interesting. And to say that I’m not listening to anything else by Gaga 24/7 is just false. i may be a fan but i’ll never be THIS much of a fan.

    I give you, Badder Romance

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    Tom Foolery 02/01/2010 13:39

    Nice, this is what I’m talking about. If there is one thing I learned from last post is a site I’m adding to my bookmarks,

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    ohmwrecker 02/01/2010 13:42

    I’ll say it . . . Pink is not interesting.

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    DB's Treasure 02/01/2010 13:43

    This movie looks mad funny, actually.

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    Olaf Metal 02/01/2010 13:43

    Just what I needed.. naked old Ray Liotta with my fucking cheerios….dick

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    BigBadDouche 02/01/2010 13:45


    A post NOT about the grammys?

    I LOVE Pink. She’s got that sultry, smoker’s voice. She can talk dirty to me on the phone anytime she wants. Ditto for Ray Liotta. I’m just sayin’…

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    Zombie 02/01/2010 13:45

    I agree with Ohmwrecker. And why the hell was Slash performing with Jamie Fox and T-Pain instead of being a part of the Les Paul tribute?

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    Watt 02/01/2010 13:46

    I like Katys tits.

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    BigBadDouche 02/01/2010 13:47

    Hey Tyler – DO something about AngelCunt and her “rich” suitors please.

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    Observer 02/01/2010 13:50

    I love the concept of a chick getting used…..when she puts out…..

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    ohmwrecker 02/01/2010 13:52

    Z, because Slash is a bloated whore who has lot all his credibility.

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    ohmwrecker 02/01/2010 13:52


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    Observer 02/01/2010 13:54


    ….did you ever like Stevie Wonder?

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    Slaappy 02/01/2010 13:58

    < Yummy

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    DB's Treasure 02/01/2010 14:00

    Good Lord, Slaappy

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    ohmwrecker 02/01/2010 14:02

    Yeah, I like some Stevie Wonder. Up until sometime in the ’80′s when who ever was dressing thought it would be funny if he wore ridiculous sweaters. So cruel.

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    ohmwrecker 02/01/2010 14:05

    I’m having a bad typing day.

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    DB's Treasure 02/01/2010 14:06

    Stevie Wonder has a bad typing day everyday ;-)

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