f**k you new york

By brendon March 02, 2010 @ 4:10 PM


Lil Wayne will turn himself in to police sometime today to begin his one year prison sentence after being convicted of a shocking crime spree that began three years ago. (WARNING: the following summary from MTV contains graphic details.)

In 2007, Lil Wayne was arrested for gun possession following his first headlining performance in Manhattan at the Beacon Theater.
Police did not find a weapon on the rapper when his tour bus was searched. Rather, the gun — registered to his manager — was in a bag located near the rapper.

Fantastic. The government is locking up a respected artist with no history of violence for an entire year because he was close to a legally registered gun. Awesome. This country really sucks lately. We used to be so cool. What the hell happened to us? Now we have 8 billion laws because 5 percent of the population are either dickheads or can’t get their shit together. Lil Wayne broke a law which is only a law because they made it a law. He didn’t hurt anyone, he didn’t steal anything, he didn’t rob anyone, and he never has, he just broke the rule that our shitty busy-body government made up because someone else did those things. And we have thousands of stupid laws like that. My car is covered with bright yellow stickers because my baby could be killed if I attach the safety seat wrong. Except I don’t have a baby. I hate babies. If I did have a baby and we were going on a car ride I would tie it to the bumper regardless of how the stickers felt about it. I’m not part of this. I’m not the problem, so why am I being treated like I am? Jesus Fucking Christ. It’s times like this I’m glad girls can at least still take naked pictures of themselves and then email them, because knowing that gives me hope. Hint, hint ladies.

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    Blumpkin 03/02/2010 16:13


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    SCUM 03/02/2010 16:13

    So the monkey is going to the zoo. I wonder if he will fling his poo at his keepers.

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    Blumpkin 03/02/2010 16:13

    PS I hope he gets fucked in the ass

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    SCUM 03/02/2010 16:13

    First, at being a dumb ass.

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    pepper 03/02/2010 16:14

    Goes to jail like a man…comes liking dick!
    Thank you NY….

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    Observer 03/02/2010 16:17

    Nig.ger with a gun is usually a hangin’ offense…..

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    Observer 03/02/2010 16:18

    Question to ponder…….

    ….what the fuck sort of lawyer does he have if he was convicted of what is stated in this post????

    …is his lawyer like Kanye’s mother’s surgeon?

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    The Original Lo Rider 03/02/2010 16:20

    Too bad he didn’t kill anyone in Cali. He’d already be out on parole.

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    Watt 03/02/2010 16:21

    Autotunes everywhere will go unused…

    Donna: glad you stuck around for my last comment. I was afraid it was lost in the shuffle.

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    Reno Gruber 03/02/2010 16:23

    This is easily your best post ever. Easily. Also, great tits above. Really a nice team effort.

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    Zombie 03/02/2010 16:24

    Boo-hoo-hoo Brendón! Save all that crying about your nígger idol going to jail for Facebook. Wikipedia says he shot himself with a .44 caliber when he was 13, so he should have learned his lesson about guns a long time ago.

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    pepper 03/02/2010 16:26

    Brend*n has a Facebook page?

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    Barbarella 03/02/2010 16:27

    Ewww… I wanna go back to looking at Coco.

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    Donna Martin Graduates 03/02/2010 16:28

    still here, Watt.

    So Lil Wayne was “recovering from a reported eight root canals in one day”

    Is that street slang for something I don’t know about?!?

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    Zombie 03/02/2010 16:29

    This post is bullshit anyway. It’s all over the web that his sentencing was postponed this morning because of a fire in the building. I’m sure Brendón will have an update on that tomorrow afternoon.

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    The Original Lo Rider 03/02/2010 16:29

    Li’l Wayne is a complete pussy.

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    Jessica 03/02/2010 16:30

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    Donna Martin Graduates 03/02/2010 16:31

    yeah, Lo Rider – bet you wouldn’t say that to his face. The guy looks rabid enough to rip your throat out.

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    The Original Lo Rider 03/02/2010 16:34

    I fucking hate SPAMers worse than dumbasses who can’t handle guns

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    ohmwrecker 03/02/2010 16:34

    Wee ooo wee ooo wee

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