is jeremy renner gay?

By brendon March 11, 2010 @ 1:50 PM


When ‘The Hurt Locker’ star Jeremy Renner got the news that he was nominated for an Oscar as Best Actor, some people wondered about the hug between him and his male co-star. Those stories settled down after he was reportedly hitting on Jessica Simpson at a party in Beverly Hills, but he quickly killed that rumor by telling Us magazine that they had a polite conversation for 3 minutes about hair styles and that was it. Then on Sunday he took his mom to the Academy Awards.

None of this means he’s gay of course, but the National Enquirer is reporting that he is anyway. Queerty says…

Under the editorship of David Perel, the Enquirer has enjoyed its share of outings. Larry Birkhead. Gayle King. Meredith Baxter. And yes, everyone’s favorite “hiding in plain sight” ‘mo, Anderson Cooper. The tabloid’s batting average is pretty high, which lends some credence to their claims about the Oscar-nominated actor.
The Enquirer’s main evidence comes from a quote — given to another publication years ago — from a forming acting coach, who said, “I have never had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy’s boyfriend, but the fact that Jeremy is gay has never been a primary concern.”

Come to think of it, in ‘the Hurt Locker’ he joins the military even though he’s married to Kate from ‘Lost’, and while he’s in Iraq he becomes obsessed with finding a young man that he had a relationship with.

Damn you Gay Hollywood, you got me again!


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  1. Barbarella 03/11/2010 14:18

    Thanks… I guess that is an un-common trait?

    I think I should change my avi tho. I don’t want to be labled for being on here for the wrong reasons.

  2. Observer 03/11/2010 14:18


    ….she usually does that to me…..with her heels…..

    she always apologizes for coming before I do……I tell her it’s O.K…..but that she “owes me”….

  3. Watt 03/11/2010 14:20

    Just pick a random nude celeb (female) and roll with it.

  4. pepper 03/11/2010 14:21

    .but that she “owes me”….
    did you mean…
    She Owns YOU?

  5. SCUM 03/11/2010 14:21

    The Hurt Locker sounds like the name of a gay bathhouse.

  6. SuperB 03/11/2010 14:22


  7. Observer 03/11/2010 14:22

    Sometimes she “owns” me……

    …I think she posts here sometimes as “Papparazzi_Sniper”….

  8. Tom Foolery 03/11/2010 14:22

    The Hurt Locker is my bedroom’s nickname

  9. DB's Treasure 03/11/2010 14:23

    Barb, so far your avatars have been of you on a boat in your bikini, and one of you bent over in a skirt (I imagine a Halloween costume of some sorts). What other possible message are you trying to pass?

  10. DB's Treasure 03/11/2010 14:23

    Tom, that’s why you cannot entertain children’s birthday parties anymore.

  11. Barbarella 03/11/2010 14:24

    You forgot the one of me picking my nose.

    Point taken.

  12. Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 03/11/2010 14:25

    pepper, you anywhere near union square park? I’ll be working over there for a few days.

  13. Watt 03/11/2010 14:26

    God dammit deebs you took the tits away! You son of a bitch…

  14. SCUM 03/11/2010 14:26

    DB, are you filling in for Zombie today?

  15. pepper 03/11/2010 14:26

    Barb…make sure we can read the sign…….

  16. Rusty Sanchez 03/11/2010 14:26

    Aww Deebs, don’t hate. I don’t think it’s gotten obnoxious yet. Beats looking at Steffabulous.

  17. oy 03/11/2010 14:27

    much needed steamer! phew!

  18. pepper 03/11/2010 14:27

    DDM…..not far……when and do you have free time?

  19. oy 03/11/2010 14:27

    noticed that since i started eating all these salads i am not shitting a whole lot….

  20. DarkCherry 03/11/2010 14:27

    Sup – did you get your toof on tv?

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