is jeremy renner gay?

By brendon March 11, 2010 @ 1:50 PM


When ‘The Hurt Locker’ star Jeremy Renner got the news that he was nominated for an Oscar as Best Actor, some people wondered about the hug between him and his male co-star. Those stories settled down after he was reportedly hitting on Jessica Simpson at a party in Beverly Hills, but he quickly killed that rumor by telling Us magazine that they had a polite conversation for 3 minutes about hair styles and that was it. Then on Sunday he took his mom to the Academy Awards.

None of this means he’s gay of course, but the National Enquirer is reporting that he is anyway. Queerty says…

Under the editorship of David Perel, the Enquirer has enjoyed its share of outings. Larry Birkhead. Gayle King. Meredith Baxter. And yes, everyone’s favorite “hiding in plain sight” ‘mo, Anderson Cooper. The tabloid’s batting average is pretty high, which lends some credence to their claims about the Oscar-nominated actor.
The Enquirer’s main evidence comes from a quote — given to another publication years ago — from a forming acting coach, who said, “I have never had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy’s boyfriend, but the fact that Jeremy is gay has never been a primary concern.”

Come to think of it, in ‘the Hurt Locker’ he joins the military even though he’s married to Kate from ‘Lost’, and while he’s in Iraq he becomes obsessed with finding a young man that he had a relationship with.

Damn you Gay Hollywood, you got me again!

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    Slaappy 03/11/2010 14:38

    She protested Vietnam DB and did a good job fucking with the system.

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    DB's Treasure 03/11/2010 14:39

    Ahhh, was she some sort of batshit crazy extremist? There were millions who protested Vietnam.

  3. avatar
    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 03/11/2010 14:39

    watt, any lohan pic would suffice.

  4. avatar
    SCUM 03/11/2010 14:39

    Is that you’re new way to pick up chicks Sup?

  5. avatar
    Observer 03/11/2010 14:39


    …I’ll send you my high school yearbook pic…..

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    Woodsman 03/11/2010 14:40

    Jane Fonda went to North Vietnam during the war and posed on an anti-aircraft gun while wearing an NVA helmet – - seeing as those guns were aimed at USAF planes many people thought she crossed the line from war protester to traitor.

  7. avatar
    Observer 03/11/2010 14:40


    …I sense you jest??

    ..about the lovely Jane Fonda?

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    SuperB 03/11/2010 14:40

    no scummie i have always dipped, we are just being drunk and having fun fucking off we cracked our first beers at like 9

  9. avatar
    SuperB 03/11/2010 14:41

    GAME ON!!

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    Slaappy 03/11/2010 14:41

    She makes Sean Penn look like a slacker when he went to Iraq

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    Watt 03/11/2010 14:41

    Sorry DDM. Its against my religion to spread lohan.

    I’ll just put my frank and beans up on Friday

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    DarkCherry 03/11/2010 14:41

    seriously just don’t fall off the bleachers. i like you in one piece.

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    DB's Treasure 03/11/2010 14:41

    Thank you, Woodsman. Yea, that’s pretty fucked.

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    Observer 03/11/2010 14:42


    ….even as they tortured soldiers….like John McCain…..Fonda stood there….

    ….even as they used those anti-aircraft weapns to shoot at U.S. soldiers…..Fonda stood there….

    How does a Canadian know such things?

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    DarkCherry 03/11/2010 14:42

    oh Watt don’t be such an attention whore ;)

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 03/11/2010 14:42

    in general, actors and actresses should stay the fuck out of politics and not make political protests. Essentially, they are paid liars, that lie to the camera. Why anyone would take their opinions seriously is beyond any logic and reason i can fathom.

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    Tom Foolery 03/11/2010 14:42

    DB, most little kids annoy me but even then I would have the decency to not let them or any other person of high moral standing anywhere near the hurt locker. I tell my friends when I’m out of town that if they have the cajones to sleep in my bed after everything those walls have seen then go ahead. With that being said I totally agree that all women are whores.

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    pepper 03/11/2010 14:43

    DDM, you may want to have a n extra set to change……….

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    Rusty Sanchez 03/11/2010 14:44

    Sup, maybe later we can see the mb without the black thing.

  20. avatar
    Observer 03/11/2010 14:44


    ….are you serious….?

    ….what Fonda did “back then” …..would be like Lindsay Lohan journeying to Khandahar to give Bin Laden a blowjob…..through a bhurka…..

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