jesse james had sex with two girls and a guy


Jesse James is reportedly begging Sandra Bullock for another chance, but with each passing hour it seems like some new story comes out that will make that impossible. Like unprotected sex with a complete stranger during an orgy, for example. artist Eric McDougall and receptionist Skittles Valentine, confess to having a freaky foursome with Jesse James and Michelle "Bombshell" McGee last June - and Skittles had intercourse with Jesse without a condom. The racy encounter took place one drunken night last June while Sandra Bullock was busy promoting The Proposal. "Michelle came into my shop and was like, 'I'd like to introduce you to my boyfriend. I recognized Jesse right away." After Eric filled in Jesse's octopus tattoo with a little color free of charge, Jesse and Bombshell went to a liquor store downstairs and returned with booze to lighten the mood. Michelle made the first move, kissing Skittles, and then they all found their way to the tattoo parlor's private back room. "

A receptionist at a tattoo parlor named after candy who doesn't care if the entire world knows she's a whore and had unprotected sex with two complete strangers is so outlandish, it's almost like Jesse asked Sandra what her worst-case nightmare cheating scenario was, and then went and found it. What could possibly be worse?

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